Different Black Hairstyles

Try a fun new look.

There are enough different black hairstyles to wear a new hairstyle every day. Some styles are trendy and new, other styles are old standbys with original twists, but they can all be attractive, trendy options.

Different Black Hairstyles and Mohawks

Mohawks always seem to be in style. Create a mohawk without cutting your own hair by…

  1. Curling straight or relaxed hair should. Kinky hair can stay in its natural state.
  2. Take the hair and pull it up on both sides.
  3. Use pins to secure the sides, leaving the middle free.
  4. Add gel or strong hair spray to hold the upright hair.
  5. Add temporary color to this style for a party look.

Kinky Twists

Go for kinky twists instead of braids. Kinky twists are completed by using the two-strand twist method in small sections of the hair. Two strand twists are similar to box braids, but the hair is twisted. They do not put as much tension on the hair as braids and they are a good transition style for people who are trying to gradually stop relaxing their hair. Two-toned colors add dimension to this look. Try using one shade of synthetic hair that is lighter than the natural hair, and another shade that is darker than the natural hair color. Kinky twists can be created with a person's natural hair, one of the great natural black hairstyles to choose from, but synthetic hair is usually added to for additional length and fullness.

Funky Bobs


Go completely asymmetric to create one of the most different black hairstyles. Instead of cutting hair in a traditional bob, with asymmetric long sides, try cutting the hair short in the back and the sides, leaving only wisps of hair on each side the hair. In fact, the hair can be cut into a bob or it can be cut short all over into a boy cut. Just leave wisps of hair on each side longer, so that they trail down the cheeks and soften the look. It is not necessary to cut your hair to try different hairstyles, instead use half wigs and weaves. Both wigs and weaves can be cut and styled to your needs. Remember that just because a wig is bought in a certain style, that style doesn't have to last forever. Cut the wig to change up the look and make the style your own. For example, a long, curly wig can be cut into a short and sassy bob. A straight, long wig can be cut into shorter layers. There are even more options available when using human hair weaves, because human hair can be curled with hot curlers or dyed.

Add Color

Use exotic colors, like brighter reds and blondes, to spice up a weave. More natural colors, like bronze and brown, can add fun and dimension without being too obvious. Most women tend to wear weaves straight, without curls. For a new look, curl the weave into cute spiral curls. Use a curling iron in dry hair or curl the hair with flexible rods while the hair is still damp. Get under the dryer to set the style. Remove the curlers and finger comb the hair for fullness.


Braided ponytails using extensions are popular, but why not put the hair in cornrows using a new pattern, zigzags, or swerves? Use textured hair for this look. Use straight, pressed curly hair, kinky hair, or even use dreadlock extension hair for this look. Small cornrows in fun patterns can last for weeks in the hair without needing touch-ups. Cornrows are a good easy-going style for people who do not have much time to style their hair every day.

Be creative when styling your hair. Think of two styles that you like and see if they can be combined. Go for unusual looks, like cornrows and dreadlock extensions or sexy asymmetric looks, and enjoy the attention you get for your different black hairstyles.

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