Drawstring Ponytails

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Create endless styles with clip-ins.

If you love to change your style depending on your mood or the occasion, you may be the perfect candidate for clip-in drawstring ponytails.

How to Wear Clip-Ins

Clip-in hair pieces have grown in popularity for many reasons. Not only do wearers of synthetic hair pieces have the freedom and flexibility to change their style on a whim, manufacturers of ponytail hair pieces have significantly improved the quality of synthetic hair. Today, drawstring ponytails and other clip in hair extensions can be purchased in a large variety of colors and textures, suiting nearly everyone's specific hair needs.

Many women opt for clip-in synthetic hair pieces for special occasions such as weddings and formal dances, while others depend on them daily to create a variety of trendy looks. Inserting a clip-in hair extension may take some practice, but most pieces are easy to manage, even for the novice. For best results, make sure hair is smooth and taut prior to inserting a synthetic hair piece. This will allow the piece to rest as close to the scalp as possible, making it look more realistic and as natural as possible.

Many clip-ins are available in a comb base, making them easy to insert. Wrapping a small section of hair around the clip will ensure the telltale comb remains discreet for all day wear.

Purchasing Drawstring Ponytails

While local establishments specializing in hair and beauty goods may carry a variety of ponytails and products, online retailers have the largest stock and availability at a wider range of prices for those interested in scoring a unique piece at a bargain price.

The following retailers carry an enticing assortment of hair pieces:

While extension and weave services offer long-wearing synthetic or natural hair pieces, the cost may prohibit you from diving in. Clip-ins are a great way to try out varied lengths to see what type of cut or color may suit you before you invest in a hair extension service. Many women who wear clip-ins make the switch from extensions for good since the instant style change provides excitement. In addition, clip-ins are comfortable to wear and do not require special scalp shampooing instructions. If you've grown tired of an itchy scalp as a result from wearing a hot and heavy weave, you may love the freedom of drawstring ponytails.

Available Styles

Drawstring ponytails are available in an assortment of styles and colors. Many ponytails are prestyled in waves, curls, and loose feminine tendrils, making it easy to create the hottest and trendiest looks. While some women wear clip-ins to create a new style, they can also be worn when hair is too thin to support the voluminous looks you crave. Perhaps your ponytails are thin and fragile? A drawstring piece will add instant lift and fullness, adding a bounty of locks in addition to your own natural style. If you're growing out a short to medium length cut and desire immediate results, clip-in pieces will provide the results without expensive hair extension services.

Practice and Create

Once you've mastered the application of drawstring ponytails, you're free to explore a variety of looks depending on your mood or wardrobe. To keep drawstring ponytail pieces clean and free of debris, store them properly in a closed container and lightly comb them out as needed to remove tangles and smooth the style. Proper care and storage will ensure your drawstring pieces remain wearable whenever the mood strikes for an instant style change.

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