Dyeing Hair with Kool Aid

Jodie Michalak
Make hair vibrant with Kool-Aid.

For many people, dyeing hair with Kool-Aid is a suitable way to obtain a temporary fashion hair color. Though not recommended for every hair type, Kool-Aid will get the job done if you need bold color fast.

Tips for Dyeing Hair with Kool-Aid

If you're ready for a bold and bright hair color but don't want to shell out the cash for an expensive salon service or experiment with at home chemical processes, you may choose a simpler method such as dyeing hair with Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid has been used for years amongst the emo and punk crowd for a bright at-home hair coloring service. The following steps will help you obtain vivid and bold fashion colors, depending on the flavor of Kool-Aid you select.

Step by Step

Prior to coloring your hair, you'll want to shop for your desired color. Blondes and lighter hair tones generally have better luck than brunettes when dyeing hair with Kool-Aid. Bear in mind that Cherry flavored Kool-Aid is considered a permanent dye, so only opt for this red tone if you plan on keeping it until it grows out. Popular Kool-Aid colors include blue, pink, purple, and red. Shop your grocer's aisle and scour the Kool-Aid packets to find the color you desire.

Kool-Aid is a messy hair colorant and can stain clothing and carpet. Make sure you are careful with the coloring process and that you protect clothing, furniture and fixtures prior to getting started.

  1. Empty Kool-Aid packets into a clean bowl. The amount of packets needed will vary based on your hair length, texture, and thickness.
  2. Slowly mix in a few drops of conditioner to form a thick paste. Make sure that the paste is thick and creamy rather than thin and runny.
  3. With the help of a comb, toothbrush, or thick paint brush, quickly apply the Kool-Aid to your hair avoiding the scalp. Massage into the hair liberally.
  4. Place a clear shower cap on your head or wrap with saran wrap. Leave dye on the hair overnight. When you awake, shampoo hair thoroughly. Any stains on the skin will wash off.
  5. Continue to rinse hair until the water runs clear.

Tips and Warnings

Although temporary, any type of hair colorant can damage and stain the hair. If you're serious about coloring your hair an extreme shade, it's best to seek the services of a professional hair colorist. Temporary dyes and coloring processes will adhere differently to different hair types. If your hair is damaged or previously colored, it's best that you avoid all types of at-home color processes, including Kool-Aid. Porous and damaged hair tends to grab and hold onto color, meaning you may have uneven and blotchy results from your Kool-Aid application if the hair is not in suitable condition.

Kool-Aid also has plenty of unpleasant side effects, including a moderate a smell and gritty texture. If you opt for a Kool-Aid color service, select the sugar-free packets to avoid a sticky mess.

Kool-Aid hair coloring generally lasts about a week or so depending on how many times you shampoo your hair and its current condition and porosity level. Bear in mind the color will fade unevenly, so expect results to look their best the first day only. Once hair is faded, you can reapply as needed or change your color for a new exciting look.

Kool-Aid is an exciting way to change your hair color on a whim, so if you're feeling experimental, why not try it? With temporary results, you can easily find a fun funky hair color you enjoy without a long term color commitment.


Dyeing Hair with Kool Aid