Easy Care Hair Styles

A bob is easy for straight hair.

Hair styles aren't one size fits all, so neither are easy care hair styles. Depending on whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, your easiest 'do may not be the same as your best friend's, no matter how much you like their cut or style.

The Basic Idea

You want a cut that will work with your natural texture. If you have to blow your hair out straight, use a flat iron, curl it with an iron, or put in hot rollers every morning, you're spending too much time on your hair! Not to mention, you're using heat tools on your hair, which can cause damage over time.

You also want to find a style that works with your natural texture so you don't have to load up on the hair products. That spares your wallet and your strands.

Choosing Your Easy Care Hair Styles

Some of the most popular hair styles that are easy to care for include:

  • Bobs (shaggy, asymmetrical, or clean-cut)
  • Long layers
  • Long hair in general (easier to throw into an updo)
  • Medium length hair with any texture, and layers around your face and in back keep it from looking blah. You could also try an asymmetrical cut or play around with sideswept bangs or a short fringe depending on your face shape. It's easy to blend bangs in with a medium length style.

For Straight Hair

Straight hair is probably the most versatile type of hair when it comes to ease. Short styles are good for straight hair because long locks don't weigh it down. Layers also add interest, especially around your face; they keep hair from looking boring whether it's long or short.Bella Online.com has a few styling tips for a bob like Victoria Beckham's. Short, straight hair cut this way is a breeze.

For Wavy Hair

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Wavy and curly hair are so easy to wash and go -- especially chin-to-shoulder lengths. With just a little bit of product (mousse), a few scrunches of the hands, and an optional blast from a blow dryer, you're ready! If you decide to use the hair dryer, you can scrunch in some gel, too, for extra hold.

The good thing about wavy hair is, like straight hair, nearly any length will work. You won't want to go above chin length unless you're brave because length will keep the waves under control, but if you're looking for a bed head, disheveled bob, you can achieve it on wavy hair.

While medium lengths are usually most versatile when it comes to easy care hair styles of the wavy variety, don't be afraid to go long -- or even short. As mentioned above, short styles are the most challenging to pull off with wavy hair, but rules are meant to be broken and celebrities never fail to show us how.

For Curly Hair

More scrunching here, and layers. Long layers keep curly hair under control while avoiding the dreaded "bell" shape. Don't go too short because your curls will spring up and out, making your face look wide and your hair unkempt. For long curls like Nicole Kidman's, go here. You'll get styling tips for curly and straight styles. The curly version is easy to care for. The straight style takes more work and will be great for special occasions.

If long hair's not your thing and you do crave a short style, have your stylist take out the bulk. Make sure the cut plays up your facial features, too. Looking for inspiration? Try The Hair Styler.

When It's Not the Cut

You may have the perfect cut for your hair type and texture, but you just don't know what to do with it when it's misbehaving, or you just want to do something different. Here are a few no-brainer, quick styles to try:

French braids will keep your hair off your face with a bit more style than a regular ponytail. Bonus: If your hair is normally straight, when you take it out of this braided style, it'll be wavy-sexy. While it's up, you most likely won't even have to touch it again until you take it down.

Need volume? Hair oily with no time to wash? What could be easier than sprinkling baby powder on your brush and running it through? Voila-instant, easy style. It soaks up the oil and allows for your roots to pump back up. This will work for any length or texture.

The ponytail is always a favorite, regardless of age. A high ponytail with its base wrapped in a piece of hair or a sleek, low pony with a deep side part (headband optional, but cute!) can both keep your hair out of your way.

Easy care hair styles can be related to your hair cut or what you do with your hair by using products or accessories. As long as you work with your own hair type and leave the heated tools on the counter, your hair can be incredibly easy to manage--and to love.

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Easy Care Hair Styles