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Formal Hair Styles for Any Occasion

When a formal event such as a wedding or a prom is to be attended, women must make a decision on what sort of easy formal hair style will be appropriate for the evening. Unless a professional hair stylist is going to be hired, a formal style that can be achieved at home is a necessity.

Some people are naturally good at putting on make-up and creating a hair style that looks out of this world. However, there are many women who do not regularly attend formal events, or women who do not spend much time on their hair on a daily basis.

For those who feel like creating a formal-looking hair style on their own head seems impossible, there are many ideas and even step-by-step instructions available to ensure that their hairdo looks different from the ordinary as well as eye-catching at the same time.

Easy Special Occasion Hair Style Ideas

Pin curls

Short Formal Styles

  • Retro pin curls: To further enhance your your gamine style, consider creating pin curls. Easy to do, pin curls create a retro, yet feminine look that never seems to go out of fashion. To accomplish this style, use metal clips to create the curls, and depending on whether you want gentle, sleek waves, or actual curls, secure clips flatly to the head, or slip the clip in through the middle of the curl. You can sleep in the clips overnight, but note that doing that will create tighter curls. You'll also want to try this look out before the big day in order to estimate the size of the curl, and the style's overall look.
  • Side part: A side part, particularly one that's deep, tends to look more formal than a middle part. The key to this style is making sure that hair looks shiny; this can be accomplished with either gel or a shine enhancing spray. Additionally, use a pretty jewel encrusted pin to keep hair in place.
  • Brushed back with headband: Similar to the side part, brushed back hair can highlight delicate facial features and look pretty and feminine. Better still is the fact that this style couldn't be simpler to do, however, you will want to pay close attention to the headband you use.The headband you select needs to be in proportion to the amount of hair and you have as well as to the size of your head. Slim headbands show a great amount of hair, while thick ones will draw more attention. Additionally, if appropriate, you can also wear a tiara that doubles as a headband.

Medium-Length Formal Styles

Medium hair with curls
  • Middle part: A middle part can look soft and romantic, but only if hair is loosely pinned back. To do so, part hair gently in the middle, and softly pin the sides back. You can also use a curling iron on the ends of your hair to create loose waves.
  • Create a chignon: If the length of your hair allows for it, you can also utilize the chignon look. Gather hair into a ponytail and twist hair until it reaches the back of your head. From there, secure with bobby pins. This style works whether your hair is all one length, or if you have bangs.

Gals with medium length hair can also take a page out of old world glamor, and try the retro pin curl look.

Long Hair

  • Half up half down: Tease hair at the crown, smooth strays with a large wide tooth comb and secure with a barrette.
  • Grecian 'do: You can also wrap a large raid around your head, a la Grecian style. This is done by smoothing hair into a ponytail, braiding that ponytail, and then wrapping it around the head. Secure with a strong clip or two so that the braid holds.

On the other hand, if you want to create an updo for long hair, try these steps:

1. Make sure the hair has been washed, conditioned, and dried.

2. Have some bobby pins (any type will do) available and within reach.

3. Gather all the hair in the back of the head and create a ponytail, then a bun (but not tight).

4. Using the bobby pins, start securing the bun to the head by hiding the bobby pins in the bun.

5. Add some hair spray to make sure the style has some extra hold.

6. Add ribbons or other accessories if desired.

Note: updos are very difficult to create with short hair but can be accomplished if hair extensions are added first.

For even more options, keep in mind that French braids can be a perfect fit for a formal occasion, as can a high, shiny ponytail.

Simple Hair Styles for Prom

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The prom is a major event in almost every high school student's life. Most girls wait with bated breath for the right guy to ask her to be his date, then they spend countless hours searching for the perfect dress. As the date comes closer, girls begin to worry about how they will wear their hair.

In order to save money (enough has already been spent on the dress!), many girls choose to try easy formal hair styles for prom by themselves or with the help of friends. Before the prom, girls must decide how their hair will look best with their dress, what hair style will look most beautiful, and what style dates and friends will remember.

Some ideas for easy formal hair styles for the prom are: an updo, straight hair that has been achieved by using a flat iron, adding long and flowing hair extensions, or a beautiful braid.

Match Your Hair Style to the Dress

When attending a formal event, it's a shame to spend time looking for the perfect dress and matching accessories only to be stuck when it comes to make-up and hair. Take care of this potential pitfall by making sure that your dress, hair, and makeup all match.

For example, some dresses look great with hair pulled up, while others look most elegant when paired with straightened hair. No matter what the makeup and dress you choose, select a few different formal styles, practice those styles a few days before the big event, and be sure to ask your friends and family for their opinion. This way, when it's time to attend the event, you can focus on what's really important; having a great time!

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