Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hair Cut

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

You may know Elisabeth Hasselbeck from her Australian Outback stint on Survivor or from her staunch conservative presence on The View, but the Elisabeth Hasselbeck hair cut is every bit as popular as her television personality. In fact, Hasselbeck's deep blonde tresses are amongst this celebrity's most striking features.

Who Is Hasselbeck?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a Rhode Island native, born on May 28, 1977, in Cranston. After her high school graduation, she left her small state roots to travel to the Belize rainforests where she began her career as a teacher. Following a brief excursion in Italy, Elisabeth ended up at Boston College as a Fine Arts major. Her involvement in collegiate softball helped her to network into the athletics field where she met Tim Hasselbeck (he currently plays for the New York Giants) whom she later married.

After working briefly as a shoe designer for Puma she headed up the television show Stylemakers for the Style Network. Following this initial television debut, Elisabeth auditioned for the second edition of Survivor which would take place in the Australian Outback. Her time on Survivor truly launched her into the public eye, and the Elisabeth Hasselbeck hair cut would now be thoroughly adored for years to come.

Hair Health

Fans who watched the second edition of Survivor might remember how the intense stress of the Australian Outback took its toll on Elisabeth Hasselbeck's hair cut, resulting in hair loss. In fact, Hasselbeck's hair was coming out in clumps, though she reported later that a few months after her return from the Outback her hair stabilized.

Diffuse shedding after a prolonged period of stress is medically referred to as telogen effluvium. This condition is a nonscarring form of alopecia and is caused by metabolic or hormonal stress. Research indicates that hair usually recovers within six months of the onset, but the condition itself may not begin until 2 to 4 months after the physiological or emotional stress period.

Telogen effluvium is usually an acute condition; however, there is a chronic form of this condition that is frequently the product of an underlying medical condition. All noticeable or increased hair loss should be discussed with your doctor in order to rule out certain conditions or illnesses that may require medical treatment.

Characteristics of an Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hair Cut

Perhaps the most advantageous characteristic of the Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hair Cut is that it is relatively low maintenance. During Survivor her hair was a simple, sometimes unkempt, medium length style that was brought into the limelight by subtle highlights. Hasselbeck has naturally dark blonde hair easily accentuated by face framing highlights and slight layers.

Hasslebeck's time on The View resulted in a fun medium length layered cut that remains relatively chic and straight. Bolder, chunkier highlights were added to the frontal region of her hair. This style can easily be achieved by asking your stylist to apply long layers and contrasting frontal highlights to your medium length hair. Towel drying your hair and following with a quick blow-dry session (while employing a boar bristle brush for volume) can help you achieve an Elisabeth Hasselbeck hair cut in no time.

Remember, however, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a fan of fitness and athletics, and this devotion really shines through when considering the simplicity of her hair. Keep your hair minimally processed in order to achieve the natural look that Elisabeth has trademarked during her television time.

Fun Accessories

Whether short and bobbed, or medium and sassy, the Elisabeth Hasselbeck hair style is often seen embellished with fun headbands or bouncy ponytail twists. The internet is swarming with pictures of Hasselbeck's adorable headband ensembles which may consist of a thin band pushing back punky pigtails, or a thicker band supporting a high flirty ponytail. Either way, Elisabeth seems to have fun with her style, as should you!

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hair Cut