Emo Band Hair Cut Photos

The All American Rejects


Many members of emo bands are considered trendsetters, since they are not afraid to step outside of the box and express their creativity through their hair.

Nick Wheeler

Nick Wheeler, who is pictured second from the right, has a modern shag with side swept bangs. Be sure to ask for a razor cut, when getting this hair style. This will create the feathery look as pictured. Use a pomade when styling to enhance the texture that has been cut into the hair.

Fall Out Boy


Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz, pictured first on the left, is always changing his look. Here, he has a close scissor-cropped cut around the head, while the top is left a little longer. For this look, use a strong holding gel to mold and spike hair into the desired style.

30 Seconds to Mars


Tomo Miličević

Tomo Miličević, pictured first on the left, has a long easy-going haircut. If you have loose waves like him, use a product that helps keep frizz to a minimum while you're wearing the hair down. Be sure to get a trim every six weeks to keep the ends of the hair in shape and healthy.



William Boyd

William Boyd, pictured first on the left, has a very popular hair cut among men. The sides and back of Boyd's hair are tapered, while the top of his hair is cut into graduated layers. The front of the hair is cut to frame his face. For styling at home, use a wax or pomade to get a look similar to Boyd's. This cut looks best on men with straight hair.

My Chemical Romance


Mikey Way

Mikey Way, pictured first on the left, has an undercut with short sides and longer hair at the top. His thick hair has been slicked back creating a retro vibe. If you have thick hair like he does, try slicking back the hair when it's wet and use a non-flaking gel to hold hair in place. To maintain this cut, get regular trims every two to three weeks.



Haley Williams

Haley Williams, the only woman in the group, has fiery long red layers and wispy bangs. If you're interested in this look, first consult with your stylist about where you want your layers to start, keeping in mind that Williams' layers begin at her chin. Next, ask for bangs that slightly touch your eyebrows and are shorter in the middle, getting longer going outward.

To get her textured hair style as pictured, simply back comb the hair before securing it with an elastic band into a side ponytail, then flat iron your bangs.

Death Cab for Cutie


Ben Gibbard

Ben Gibbard, pictured first on the right, has a simple chin length cut. This cut is flattering to his thick hair type as there is lots of volume on the sides. He has a natural wave pattern which has resulted in the ends of the hair being flipped out, but the hair can always be manipulated by flipping the ends out with a flat iron.

The Fray


Joe King

Joe King, pictured second from the right, has a short and spikey 'do. He has longer hair at the top that is blended into the short buzzed cut sides. For these spikes, use a gel, wax or pomade in the hair and comb the hair in the direction you want the spikes to stand.

Panic! At The Disco


Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie, who is pictured in the middle of his bandmates, has a hip haircut with shaven sides and more length on top. To style the top portion of the hair, simply flat iron the hair going back, or blow dry with a paddle brush going back. Spray with a light holding spray to hold hair into place.

Simple Plan


Pierre Bouvier

Pierre Bouvier, pictured center, has a jagged haircut. His hair has been cut an angle, which is flattering for his thick mane and makes styling the hair easy. To get his faux hawk, add gel to damp hair and begin to shape the top of hair using a comb to push the hair upwards.

More Creative Options

If you like these styles and would like to see some options that are even more unique, you may find inspiration from punk hair style pictures or learning how to soap spike hair.

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Emo Band Hair Cut Photos