Emo Hairstyles for Round Faces

Bangs can lengthen a round face.

There are many flattering choices of emo hairstyles for round faces.

Emo hairstyles are a dramatic way of expressing yourself. With an emo hairstyle, it's more about the look rather than a pleasing hair shape. Although there is no such thing as right or wrong, when it comes to emo styles for round faces, there are plenty of do's and don'ts.

Flattering Emo Hairstyles for Round Faces

Emo looks are head turning and trendsetting. Unconventional, wild, and daring, emo hair styles allow the individual to express their creativity fearlessly. Emo cuts aren't about looking pretty, so toss aside any notion that your cut has to fit a certain style. Instead, find a shape that works for your styling commitment, color maintenance, and lifestyle.

Long Bangs

No matter who wears them, bangs always look hot. Long bangs are an essential statement to emo hairstyles. If you want to flatter a round face shape, always go for a long side swept bang rather than a short and wide bang, which will only make the face appear wider. Bangs can be colored vivid hues which will add to their punk appeal and distract from a wide facial shape. Bangs are versatile and can be incorporated into almost any hairstyle while instantly adding drama. No matter what type of long bang you choose, always avoid a center part, which will widen the face and make it appear larger.

Spiky Tops

Spikes are different and funky. If you desire a drastic emo look that adds height, look no further than spiked 'dos.

Adding more height by creating shorter and spikier hair on the crown will lengthen a rounder shaped face. There are plenty of different styling products such as molding pastes and texturizing crèmes that will help hold the style and give varying types of texture.

By keeping the perimeter of the hang long and cutting the interior short and spiked, a shaggy emo look can lengthen and contour any round facial shape.

Long and Straight

There's no reason that you have to go short to rock an emo style. If you want to add interest to your long emo hair, keep it flat and sleek with some face framing fringe. Fringe and sleek lines will lengthen and narrow a wide face. With the help of a straightening iron, a sedu straight look is easy to style and always flatters.


Layers work on all facial shapes and instantly flatter all facial contours. If you have a wide or a round face, ask your stylist to cut layers into the interior and crown, which will add height while balancing weight. In addition to interior layers, face framing layers can be cut to define jaw lines and minimize your round shape.


Conceal with Color

Color is a great way to add interest to an emo hairstyle, and it also has the ability to highlight or conceal. By coloring the hair dark allover, or exclusively around the face, you will contour and narrow the facial shape. After the perimeter is deepened, add a lighter hue in the interior to draw the eye upwards and highlight the peak of the crown, which will lengthen your overall facial shape. For creative color inspiration, think outside the box and go for deep vivid hues such as red, purple, or black and add interior highlights in shades of green, gold, or pink.


The key to any emo look is experimentation. Take the time to try out different looks and cuts and see which emo hairstyles for round faces look best on you. Explore the world of color and sassy cuts, and your well on your way to creating a look that not only flatters your facial shape, but also expresses your individual spirit.

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Emo Hairstyles for Round Faces