Eva Longoria's Hair Styles

Longoria at the Desperate Housewives DVD release.

What Is The Secret To a Fabulous Eva Longoria Hair Style?

Eva Longoria is without a doubt Wisteria Lane's sexiest siren. Besides her model body and sassy attitude, her hair styles are equally attention grabbing!This brunette beauty has perfected long, luscious locks that bounce with her every move. The precise balance of color and cut always flatter Eva's features and lend a hand in creating many diverse looks. Eva Longoria also gets an official "thumbs up" for keeping her hair a luscious shade of brown when so many Hollywood starlets succumb to blonde tresses.

The Long and Short of It

Even though the typical Eva Longoria hair style is long, she still creates a wonderful variety of looks with updos and texture. Eva's stylist, Ken Paves, works wonders when putting Eva's hair up in charming chignons, upswept twists and falling tendrils. He also adds diversity to her look by switching Eva's hair texture from flowy curls to pin-straight and glass-smooth with the help of a flat-iron. Simple tools like this are key in replicating any Eva Longoria hair style.

The Bold and Brunette

Eva Longoria at the Emmy Awards.

Who needs blonde hair when brown can be just as sexy? Eva has proven that brunette locks can be just as sultry as long as they aren't drab. When attempting a darker shade of hair for the first time, let your stylist know what you're looking for. Bring in pictures of a classic Eva Longoria hair style and point out the richness of the color. Looking at Eva's hair, think along the line of mahogany and chocolate tones. A sun kissed look can warm up the complexion with the addition of a few face-framing highlights, just like Eva's in this season's Desperate Housewives.

Creating The Look

Short on time and cash to hit the salon and create your own Eva Longoria hair style? No worries! Follow these simple tips and soon you'll be the sexiest siren on your block!

Bouncy Curls

  • Towel dry hair and wrap loosely in larger size rollers. Try a light gel or spray to help style hold. Run a blow dryer over the hair or let air dry. Remove curlers and toss hair while finger-raking to separate. Apply a small amount of shine serum to smooth frizz and add definition. Spray to hold.

Straight and Sleek

  • Blow dry hair with a large, round vent brush. Blow hair downward and keep your brush pulled fairly taught. A smoothing gel or straightening balm is great to work through the hair prior to this step. Pick up large section of hair with fingers and work a flat iron over it. Start close to the scalp working your way from the under sections of hair to the top layers. Work slowly, pulling downward. (Careful! These tools can get very hot.) Continue straightening until desired look is achieved. Take a small amount of shine enhancing serum and smooth through hair between palms. Watch out, red carpet!

Up and Away

  • Start with the steps for Bouncy Curls. Lift a section of hair about 3 inches from the area above the ears. Gently twist the hair and secure on the back of the head with a bobby pin. Repeat on the opposite side. This is the easiest look and creates the most elegant half-up, half-down look. Feel free to keep section thin and crown-like or thick and more defined.

Work your Look

The most important thing to remember, and this is why Eva Longoria's hair style is always amazing, is to have fun! Don't be afraid to try something different and experiment with different looks and options. If it doesn't turn out perfectly, wow your crowds the next night with a new, sexy look!

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Eva Longoria's Hair Styles