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Choose the Right Color

Applying eyebrow dye yourself is not recommended. Instead, talk to a cosmetologist at your local salon to learn what eyebrow solutions might be right for your brows. Coloring with dye lasts much like permanent hair coloring and should be applied by a professional. Professionals not only know how to apply eyebrow dye safely but will also be able to help you make the right color choice for your hair and skin coloring.

Choosing the Right Color

Because eyebrow dye offers a semi-permanent solution to light-colored or sparse brows, it does reduce the time needed to apply make up each day. However, choosing the right color is important because you can't decide you don't like it and wash your face to start over.

From the multiple color alternatives available, how do you know what color is right to fill your brows? For most people, to obtain a subtle, natural looking brow, you'll want to choose an eyebrow dye that is a lighter than your hair color by about two shades. Blondes and those who have gone gray will choose a color darker than their hair.

Applying Eyebrow Dye

For proper dye application, a cosmetologist begins in the center of the brow and works outward. Coloring is put on in short, light strokes to provide a natural look and to avoid staining your skin.

Other Eyebrow Coloring Options

For people with light-colored or sparse eyebrows that don't want to go to the salon to color their brows, the use of colored brow tints or eyebrow gels provides a thicker, darker look and still washes off. These beauty products are less pigmented than mascara and have a lighter consistency. Just like any other makeup, it takes practice to find the trick of applying the right amount of tint or gel. Because this coloring option washes off, you will lose the luxury of wash and wear brows. However, these tints and gels make sparse brows look full and more natural without a trip to the salon.

How to Apply Tints and Gels

Assorted manufacturers package products differently, but most gels and tints have dual-sided brushes. Use the longer bristles to comb through normal to long brows, and the short-bristled side for detailed application or for use short, thin, or over-tweezed eyebrows. If you decide you need to soften the color after applying, you can use a clean toothbrush to groom the brow for the desired effect.

Shaping Your Brows

Color enhances your eyebrows, and your brows enhance your eyes. Apart from the mouth, eyebrows are the most expressive feature of the face because they move. With that in mind, make shaping your brows part of your regular beauty regimen. Work to find balance with your other facial features.

For women, the inside of the brow should be the thickest portion and then taper to the outer edge. Men on the other hand, wear their brows somewhat tapered at the inside and thickest at the outer edge. Styling products like gel or spray are often applied with a brush or comb to control unruliness. As you remove excess hair, remember that a properly groomed eyebrow should extend from the inner corner of the eye to around one-quarter inch beyond the eye's outer corner. Brows that have been tinted with eyebrow dye can be shaped just as easily as naturally colored brows.

Common Hair Removal Techniques

  • Tweezing - The most commonly used method for shaping eyebrows
  • Adhesive strips - Shape desired can be cut from the strips to remove only unwanted hair
  • Hair removal wax
  • Threading performed by an experienced stylist

Grooming Your Brows

Once you've colored and shaped your brows, take the time to groom them. Comb or brush them to retain the shape you've created. Brush brows up and outward toward the outer corner of the eye. If you have unruly brows that don't want to cooperate, try using a hint of hair styling gel to keep hairs in place and hold the style you desire. With care, tinted brows will look gorgeously natural and full with only minimal effort.

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