Fake Eyebrows

False brows don't need to look fake.

While it is no surprise that wigs or hair extensions are popular hairpieces, many people also opt for fake eyebrows to enhance their appearance. Before choosing false brows, however, it is important to understand the different types available and how to wear them properly.

Why Choose Fake Eyebrows

There are many reasons why both men and women opt for false eyebrows. In some cases, it may be to experiment with different brow shapes before waxing, or to augment a costume. Many individuals, however, suffer from hair loss that can affect their eyebrows.

There are many reasons for eyebrow hair loss, including:

  • Different hair loss medical conditions
  • Hormone imbalances or thyroid problems
  • Medical treatments such as chemotherapy or anesthesia
  • Infections or parasites that affect the follicles
  • Overly aggressive plucking that eventually damages follicles and inhibits hair growth
  • Naturally thin or patchy brows due to personal genetics

Whatever the cause, the loss of eyebrows can be psychologically devastating. Brows frame the eyes and help create many expressions, and without that aesthetic balance against other facial features, individuals may feel awkward or embarrassed. Fake eyebrows can be the answer.

Makeup or Hair?


The easiest way to create fake brows is to draw them in with eyebrow or eyeliner pencils. This is a great option for temporary hair loss, such as an unwanted bald patch from overzealous plucking. When replacing brows with makeup, always use the sharpest possible pencil to create fine lines similar to individual hairs, and opt for cosmetics that are smudge-resistant.For many people, however, using makeup to create brows is not only time-consuming, but the effects are not nearly as satisfactory as from using real hair. Makeup must frequently be re-applied and may smudge or run. For large brows, makeup lacks the texture and depth of real hair, making the false brows even more obvious than no brows at all. In these cases, true fake eyebrows constructed from human hair are a more desirable option.

Choosing the Best Brows

When choosing false eyebrows, it is important to consider different factors, including:

  • Brow Color: Eyebrows are typically 1-2 shades lighter or darker than scalp hair. Blondes and individuals with light-colored hair may have darker brows, while brunettes or individuals with dark hair may have lighter brows. For authenticity, the brow should use more than a single color - 1-2 different shades will add depth and texture to the hair.
  • Brow Shape: The eyebrow should frame the brow bone, with the arch positioned in proper alignment with the eyelid and nose. A brow shape that is too curvy or too sharp will only draw attention to itself rather than enhance the whole face.
  • Skin Color: Most human hair fake eyebrows are set on a thin base that should closely match the wearer's skin color. Clear or translucent bases are also available, but be sure they are not shiny or otherwise noticeable.
  • Attachment Method: Some false eyebrows come with a peel-away sticky backing, while others require application of specialized glue. Individuals with sensitive skin or allergies should note which chemicals are used for the adhesive to avoid potentially dangerous reactions.
  • Brow Construction: The best brows will be manufactured with natural growth in mind; the individual hairs will be properly aligned to simulate true eyebrows rather than just attempting to cover space.
  • Flexibility: For brows to be truly unnoticeable, they must be able to move and flex with the face for different facial expressions. Brows that are too stiff will be obviously fake and noticeable.

Caring for Fake Eyebrows

False eyebrows, just like natural eyebrows, must be cared for to keep looking their best. When first applying the brows, be sure to space them properly and symmetrically on the face, and avoid attempting to adjust or reposition them if possible. Depending on the adhesive, the brows should be allowed to set with minimal movement (touching or extreme facial expressions) for 10-60 minutes.Most false brows can be trimmed or adjusted prior to application to suit individual preferences and sizes, but do not attempt to pluck, tweeze, thread, or otherwise shape brows once they have been applied to the skin. Doing so can inadvertently remove more than the desired hairs and damage to the fake brow is not usually reversible.

Most quality false eyebrows can be carefully removed and reapplied for reuse. With proper care, brows can last for several weeks, giving individuals with facial hair loss the confidence and security of a natural look with minimal effort.

Where to Find False Brows

While many retailers offer false eyelashes, fake eyebrows can be more difficult to find. High quality, human hair brows generally cost $30-50 per pair and can be found through reputable wig and hairpiece retailers. Online merchants offering assorted colors and styles include HeadCovers.com and Nu-Brow.com.

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