Fall Hair Style Trends: Interview with DaRico Jackson

DaRico Jackson

When researching fall hair style trends, DaRico Jackson is definitely the man to turn to. The celebrity hairstylist has been in the business for years, and he recently opened his first salon. Jackson kindly sat down with us to share his experiences, styling tips and trends for the season.

About DaRico Jackson

LTK: How did you get your start in the industry?

DaRico Jackson: I got my start in the professional entertainment industry in November 2002 when I received a call from a close friend who had a celebrity client that needed a hairstylist for a commercial shoot in Los Angeles. In December, I flew to Los Angeles from St. Louis (where I lived at the time) for what has become the "first day of the rest of my life" - I will never forget that day! My plane was delayed an hour, so I arrived at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am call at Dark Light Motion Picture Studio. I arrived at the studio shortly, where I was escorted to my very own parking space displaying a sign that read Personal Hair Stylist for Mr. Shaquille O'Neal. After realizing that it meant me, I proudly walked into the studio, where I was bombarded with excited questions from Shaq fans.

At that point I realized that they were under the impression that I had been working for him for quite some time. Little did they know that this was my first time meeting him as well! Shaq was one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. After the shoot, he invited me to become his personal set hairstylist. In February 2003, I moved to LA to work with him for the next two years - and the rest is history. My celebrity A-list includes Tasha Smith, Tichina Arnold, Michael Ealy, Cassandra Freeman, and Vanessa Williams, just to name a few.

Fall Hair Style Trends for Men and Women

LTK: What are some of the biggest fall hair style trends in ethnic hair for both men and women?

DJ: This season's forecast should be called "evolution." I've seen men go from the rebirth of Afros to dreadlocks and braids that somehow became the mohawk. Now they're getting back to clean cuts and fades. It's a little different for women. Every woman I know went crazy for bobs - but now they are brave enough to chop it all off! I have been layering them up and chopping half of them off. Asymmetry is back, and abstract shapes have become popular as well. Confidence seems to be theme for women this season and short hair is the answer. I love it!

Dressy 'Dos for Fall

LTK: As the weather cools, party schedules usually heat up! Any tips for great updos and other dressy styles for ethnic and white hair?

DJ: If you have a hot party to go to, you should always call your hairstylist first to see if he can get you in. I also have a quick idea that works for anyone. Part off your hair into one-inch square sections all over your head, then take a little mousse and apply it to every section. Then pin curl each section, using a bobby pin to secure each area. Go to bed and get a good night's rest and you should wake up to a beautiful head of curls that you can finger out or create a wonderful updo with by pinning the curls into a shape that works for you.

Fall Bad Hair Day Style Fixers

LTK: We've all experienced the dreaded bad hair day! It's easy to throw on a hat, but do you have any great styling tips than can transform so-so hair into something presentable for the day?

DJ: Ladies, if you are faced with a bad hair day crisis, moisturize! Use a light moisturizing hair dressing crème and brush it through. This will rejuvenate old curls, soften old hair spray and allow the life and elasticity back into the hair so that you can rework it back into style.

The Amiri Salon


LTK: Tell us about your new salon.

DJ: My new salon is fabulous! I have the best of both worlds - I have my own studio space and my clients have the one-on-one attention while at the same time experiencing the nuances of other stylists. The salon is called Amiri, which means "thrive" in Swahili. It's located at 9911 Pico Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90035 in the Chess & Berman building. I'm also working on opening new locations now.

LTK: What are your favorite hair products to use on clients? Are there any that you think no woman should be without?

DJ: I like Mizani shampoos and conditioners. Also, no woman should be without the Tancho Stick. It tames edges, baby hair, and flyaways.

Special Moments

LTK: You've had so many wonderful experiences in this industry. What has been your favorite or most memorable moment so far?

DJ: My most memorable moment would have to be this past spring for the ASCAP Awards. I had the pleasure of helping Kelly Price with her hair for the red carpet. We spent the entire day together and during that time we really got to know each other. In conversation we shared our feelings on the business and spirituality - it was very special. Two weeks later I received a call from her husband, thanking me for my services and telling me how my conversation with his wife really made a difference in her life. I was amazed!

Contact DaRico Jackson at darico@crystalagency.com.

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Fall Hair Style Trends: Interview with DaRico Jackson