Fall Hairstyles Expert Interview

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Naz Kupelian shares autumn trends!

Fall Hairstyle Trends

With autumn just around the corner, LoveToKnow Hair interviewed highly acclaimed and praised International hair artist, Naz Kupelian of Kupelian Salon, on this season's top fall hairstyle trends.

What are some popular fall hairstyle trends?

I recommend classic shapes such as the woman's bob with a modern twist using softer lines in back of the head with longer layers in front cut asymmetrically. This gives one side a little more drama and length.

The typical long hair style is updated with long and short layers cut into the hair. If you want the length of the hair style to remain with some height and volume on the top, the layers are cut into the hair with no visible lines of demarcation. It gives the hairstyle the appearance of one length but with the volume of having layers. This technique gives the hair style movement and texture. For men, the updated versions of the sixties (think Elvis) but with a lot of texture and movement to the hair. The finishing for this look can be achieved with hair wax such as the Shutter Wax (no gels) from the Naz Kupelian line.

Any suggestions for blondes, brunettes and redheads this fall?

Blondes will tone down their hair colors with darker blonde tones. Brunettes and redheads will go a little darker for richer tones.

Will the bob remain a popular fall hairstyle?

The bob will become more edgier and just as popular for the fall. The bob will be made more dramatic with more texture and separation in the layers.

Texture and Style

Do you have any formal styling suggestions for autumn brides?

Looser, more texturized up-dos for a romantic wedding look.

Is texture going to be popular this fall, or will color take the spotlight?

I predict that color will take the spotlight this fall, you will see a lot of deeper richer tones which will compliment the hairstyles of the season.

Do you have any recommendations for essential tools for salon quality at-home results?

My favorite professional flat iron and blow dryer is from the RUSK "Go Green" line. The Str8 Flat iron has an energy saving hibernate mode: after 10 minutes being left without use, the iron begins to cool down. The blow dryer uses 26 percent less energy with equal performance.

Professional Recommendations

How often do you recommend your clients wash their hair?

I recommend that clients wash their hair every other day, if they use the H20 dry shampoo they can wash their hair once or twice a week.

What is your favorite styling product?

My styling product is from my own line "Naz Kupelian" and is called "Gum" styling paste. It's a fiber based so it's perfect for shaping my hair how it needs to be.

What is your favorite fall hairstyle?

For shorter hair I would have to say the shorter texturized bob look and for longer hair the looser un-kept look.

Thanks for sharing your time and expertise with our readers!

Thank you!

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