Feather Hair Accessories

Woman wearing purple feathered hair accessory
Be bold with feather accessories!

With their bohemian and exotic charm, feather hair accessories are a unique alternative to traditional rhinestone and tortoise shell hair adornments.

How to Wear Feather Hair Accessories

If you want to walk on the wild side and try out one of the latest hair and fashion trends, you may want to consider donning a feather in your styled locks. Feathers add a wispy and whimsical charm to your look while helping to create the always coveted bohemian and gypsy style.

While many feather accessories are available at inexpensive jewelry and accessory boutiques, it's not where you get them that's important, it's how you wear them! Wearing a feather creates a statement, and if you add the accessory into your wardrobe with a multitude of other looks, you may run the risk of looking too theatrical or outfitted.

You'll want to consider your clothing and your makeup prior to wearing a feather. While tying a bohemian or hippie-inspired frock together requires a few coordinating accessories, too many earthy accents can overwhelm your style. Instead of going overboard, try to pair feather hair accessories with solid colored basics to add a punch of color or texture. Feathers come in a variety of hair accessory trends, and each of them is worth a try if you love experimenting with a multitude of hair looks.


Head bands are one of the easiest ways to pull your hairstyle together with little effort. Whether you're sporting a day old 'do or just want to keep your hair off your face, a headband will do the trick. Feathered headbands are a unique addition to the traditional headband market. While exotic feathers can be worn with suede and cords, classic black feathers look stately and chic enough for a formal event.

Making your own feather headband is a wise choice if you have a creative touch. Simply affix select feathers onto a plain headband with a hot glue gun. Consider using peacock feathers for a colorful and exotic twist, or choose faux feathers in a range of outrageous colors.

Hair Clips

Another fancy way to don a feather is within a clip. There are plenty of ribbon clip accessories that can be found on the accessory market that incorporate feathers with a variety of other notions, including suede tie ribbons, beads, and stones. Long ribbon hair clips can be affixed to the underside of your hair to hang low and add a unique and organic movement to your style. A simple hair clip accessory looks great with many fashion trends, including distressed denim cutoffs and a simple white tee. For an earthy and hippie look, pair feather clips with a side part and chic long locks.


Barrettes are one of the most versatile of all hair accessories. No matter the length of the hair, a barrette can usually be found incorporating the latest color and style trends. Feather barrettes are available in a variety of styles and can accommodate thick or thin hair types. Whether you want to pull your tresses halfway up in a gilded fashion or just want to add a bit of feathered whimsy at your temples with a small adornment, a feather barrette is a quick and affordable option for testing out this flocked trend.

Where to Buy

While scouring your favorite fashion and accessories stores is your best bet for finding a feather accessory that meets your hair's needs, the following online retailers have several hairpieces that are affordable and right on the feathered trend.

Take Precautions

Once you've found the perfect hair accessory, take good care of it! Feathers are fragile and are prone to breakage. Keep feather hair accessories away from water and gently spot clean them as needed to remove styling product build-up. With proper storage and care, a feather accessory can easily become one of your signature trademark pieces for many years.

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