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Whether you want to go a bit lighter, or add depth to your allover hair color, foil hair highlighting is an excellent choice. If you're new to the world of color, chances are your colorist may make this suggestion whether you just meet for a color service consultation, or have already made up your mind. Here's a look at what hair highlighting with foils entails, and how to maintain the look long after your first session.

About Foil Hair Highlighting

There are several types of hair coloring processes, including:

  • All over color
  • Cap highlighting
  • Bayalage color application
  • Foil hair highlights

For most color candidates, foils are the likely choice. Unless you wish to color your hair allover in one solid hue, your colorist will probably use foil to separate and section your hair to better apply the color or bleach; this allows for a more varied look and greater artistic highlighting placement. Cost per salon service can vary considerably from salon to stylist, so make sure you shop around for the best quality service at a price you can afford.

How Much Color?

After you've found your colorist, you'll want to explore the amount of highlights needed to achieve your desired look. For a natural sun-kissed look, a partial foil highlight is a great choice. Sectioned foiled packets can be artfully placed to lighten hair as if the sun bleached it lightly. For those who want a substantially brightened look, a full head of highlights will do the trick. This style will also minimize the appearance of a solid line of demarcation as your hair grows out.

If you're already an allover color candidate, your colorist may even recommend a couple foil hair highlighting sections to break up your color and to brighten your complexion. Unlike regular color touch-ups, the random foil highlights your colorist adds will be sporadically touched up as needed. These add-on services should be discussed at your color appointments so that you and your colorist are on the same page as your highlighted hair grows out.

While bleach or lightener is the most popular form of color used in foils, lowlights are also applied to the hair using foil packets. If you love your natural hair color but want to add some depth and separation, a colorist can add any color you desire in a blended form by using this foil technique.

When To Opt For Foil Highlighting

Anytime you want to add a splash of color or brighten a few sections of hair around your face, foil hair highlighting is probably the best route that will offer professional, fool-proof results without breaking the bank.

Foil packets help to achieve a natural placement of color, ensuring varied levels of contrast and depth. If you want a rather low maintenance hair highlighting service, foils will give you plenty of bang for your buck. While time in-between salon touch-ups may vary anywhere from 6-12 weeks based on your desired look and your hair's natural rate of growth, foil services are still an affordable color option for most people.

Why Not Go Bold?

If you're interested in this unique and beloved hair highlighting technique, book a consultation with your colorist and discover whether or not the application is right for you. Bear in mind your colorist can really get creative with foils. Do you crave a palette of chocolate and vanilla? Why not have them blend several shades at a time to create a visual feast of color? Feeling blue? Have your colorist work in a few blue or purple highlights on top of your platinum locks for a signature style. Nearly any wild or conservative look can be created with foils. Why settle for ordinary when foil services can make your color extraordinary?

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