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Formal Accessories

No matter what the occasion, formal hairstyles are a beautiful and elegant part of your overall look. The easiest way to turn an everyday hairstyle into a formal look is to add a stylish accessory, such as a crystal or floral bun wrap. Hair pins, combs, and clips are other popular choices if you need to turn your look into a formal style, or you can choose from a wide range of more formal styles.

Hair Highlights

Spruce up your everyday look with stylish hair highlights. The right highlights or lowlights shades can add texture and depth to your hair color, giving it extra glamour no matter what style you wear it in.


Leaving thin tendrils of hair to frame your face adds elegance to stark updo styles. The tendrils can be sleek sedu locks or romantic curls suitable for any formal event.

Curly Updos

Updo hair styles are the most popular for formal occasions, whether it is a wedding, prom, homecoming, or other event. Curls are typically piled on top of the head or in the back of the style, and some curly locks may be left loose down the back for a soft, romantic effect.

Formal Men’s Hair

Men's formal hairstyles should be neat, clean, and trimmed. Similarly, facial hair should be properly groomed for any special occasion.

Long and Loose

Long hair can be lovely loose, even for formal events. Gentle waves or soft curls add romance to the style, while a sedu sleek look is a chic and modern option. Small combs or barrettes may be used to pull back some of the hair so it does not obscure the face, along with the jewelry and makeup that may be worn for a formal occasion.

Mixed Updos

A mixed style updo can be a lovely option for formal events. Curls, braids, and twists can be beautifully combined for a unique and stunning look.

Half Updos

A half updo is a popular and easy formal style suitable for many events. The front of the hair should be smooth and firm, while the loose hair can be gently waved or curled. A tiara or hair pins can add a bit of formal glitter to this hairstyle.

Formally Professional

Professionals who need to wear formal hairstyles, such as dancers, actors, or models, should choose a style that is suitable for their career but still stylish and sophisticated. Simple styles are often the best for performers, since they will not detract from the performance but are still beautifully elegant.

Simple Accessories

A formal style does not need to be an elaborate one. Adding a flower or jeweled comb to a classic bob or flip hair style can instantly turn this everyday look into a beautiful look for any special occasion.

Vintage Hair

Vintage hair styles, such as finger waves or pin curls, can be unique and lovely options for formal hairstyles, especially for themed parties and retro events. Add a hat with a mesh veil for even more vintage flair.

Wavy Bun

Wavy hair can be tamed into a formal look without losing its texture if you opt for a simple style, such as a loose bun. Wavy hair also looks great loose, or it can be twisted into more elaborate updos if desired.

Simple Styles

Sometimes a simple style is the best formal hairstyle you can wear. A low bun is a perfect example that is great for many occasions without obscuring jewelry or dress details.

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Formal Hairstyles Photo Gallery