Fresh Flower Hair Pieces

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Whether for a special occasion or an ordinary event, fresh flower hair pieces are an easy and natural way to combine the beauty of nature with your own personal style. Choosing flowers that can withstand hours of wear and melding them with the perfect hairstyle is key to wearing flowers with confidence.

Five Hairstyles with Flowers

Fresh flowers can add a special touch to many hairstyles. They can be worn in loose hair, styled in an elaborate updo or slipped into a simple braid. While personal preference plays a large role in the type of hairstyle you choose, some styles work better with flowers than others.

1. Loose Hair With Flower Accent

One of the easiest ways to create a hairstyle with fresh flowers simply involves letting your hair hang loose and adding a floral bloom to one side. To show off this simple look, just style your hair so that it is straight, curly or wavy. When you're finished styling your hair, fasten your flower on one side using bobby pins in an "x" shape.

Down with flower accents

2. Crown of Flowers

A crown of fresh flower is a simple and elegant choice. This is a classic style for flower girls, brides, and anyone with a romantic side. Use these do-it-yourself instructions to make your own flower crown or ask a local florist to create one for you. A crown of flowers can easily be worn with any length hair.

Crown of flowers

3. Flowers in Curls

A full head of long curls is the perfect place for some beautiful blooms. Wearing fresh flowers tucked in and out of curls is a perfect look for prom night or a quinceanera. Start by pulling the top back. Leave the remainder down and pin the flowers among the curls. The texture of the curls will camouflage the bobby pins.

Flowers in curls

4. Flowing Side Braid

A side braid is a natural fit for fresh flowers, as the flower stems will fit in between each notch of hair. Adding flowers to this type of braid can take a style from casual to sophisticated. You can find a helpful description of how to create a side braid on POPSUGAR.

Side braid with flowers

5. Waterfall Updo

A waterfall updo is a lovely, timeless style that is a natural fit for fresh flowers. Simply slide blooms into the side notches of the style to create a romantic look. You can find a helpful description of how to create a waterfall updo on Ipsy.

Waterfall Updo

Best Fresh Flowers for Your Hair

Certain flowers are especially well-suited to be worn in the hair. Consider these options:

Asiatic Lily

A simple and colorful Asiatic lily is a very popular choice for beach wedding hair. It's a perfect choice to pin loose hair back off your face to create the casual elegance that's just right on the beach. Available in a realm of different colors, lilies can take the heat and stay beautiful long after you've exchanged your vows. Consider slipping a lily behind your ear for a simple yet well-coordinated look for your beach wedding.

Asiatic Lily


For a summer celebration, a fragrant plumeria bloom makes for an easy choice. With its wide petals and flatter profile that allows the flower to lie perfectly against the head, a plumeria bloom is perfect for a single flower hair piece. If you want more than one flower, consider creating a headband from plumeria blooms or weaving them loosely throughout your hair.

plumeria bloom

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are a beautiful and classic choice for a child's floral hair piece. They are beautiful and the small stems are fairly easy to weave and tuck in and out of hair. They are a perfect hair accent for dance recitals or milestone events like a christening or First Communion.

Miniature roses

Baby's Breath

Baby's breath is a popular fresh flower for stylish updos for events like prom, high school graduation and weddings, but it can also embellish many other hairstyles, such as the loose ponytail shown here. The tiny white blooms that adorn small green sprigs can add texture and an airy look to nearly any hair design. Since baby's breath is pliable, it can be worked into a hair wreath or hair clip seamlessly. Baby's breath is very affordable and readily available, making this botanical one you can depend on no matter the occasion or season.

baby's breath


For a touch of romance on date night, stephanotis blooms are a great addition to any hairdo. Since the bloom itself is petite, you can wear more than one flower at a time, making this a great choice for creating a floral head wreath to wear with loose hair or to create a showy border around a classic chignon or bun. This flower is also a great choice to adorn an elegant updo.

Stephanotis bloom


If you're looking for a dramatic look for an evening gala, orchids are a classic choice. Orchids take months to bloom and, when they finally open, can be clipped into hair and worn for hours on end. Available in a variety of colors and styles, orchids are mysteriously enchanting and elegant. Consider wearing an orchid in a dramatic twist or updo for added visual appeal.

Orchids in updo


If you're looking for a great flower to add to your hairdo for a garden party or a summer holiday celebration, daisies are a whimsical choice that is easy on the wallet. A sturdy flower, daisies can last hours without water. The blooms come in multiple colors and can easily be placed between braids or worked into a classic twist.

daisies in chignon

Tips and Clips

Keeping fresh flowers in place doesn't have to be difficult and you don't need expensive accessories. Ideal choices include:

  • Bobby pins are basic and effective hair fasteners for fresh flowers. Crossing bobby pins in an "x" pattern nicely secures headpieces, single flowers, or groupings of flowers.
  • Hair pins are just like bobby pins but have a wider mouth. Use hair pins when you are working with flowers that are too large to secure with bobby pins.
  • Miniature jaw hair clips can be a great way to secure flowers if you're not handy with bobby pins. The small clasps work great and can be camouflaged fairly easy.
  • Clear elastics are perfect for attaching flowers to braids or ponytails. Because they are clear, the flower will get all the attention rather that having an unsightly elastic detract from the look.

Storing Fresh Flower Hair Pieces

To keep blooms looking their best, it is best to keep flowers refrigerated right up until the time that you work them into your style. Alcohol and polymers will break down the flowers and create instant wilt, so be sure to avoid misting hairspray or perfume in your hair once you've added your floral pieces.

Fabulous With Flowers

Fresh flowers are a beautiful finishing touch on nearly any special occasion hairstyle. Forge ahead with flowers and explore their beauty the next time you want to enhance your look!

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