Fringed Bangs Hairstyles

Fringed bangs are simple and stylish.

Fringed bangs hairstyles are at the height of popularity in Hollywood. A great way to change up your look without a lot of effort, bangs look great on almost everyone.

History of Bangs

Hair styles with bangs have been with us for decades, constantly changing texture and shape. No matter what form they have chosen, they have always been a staple in American hair as well as countries abroad. Simply defined as face framing hair work down or across the forehead, bangs got their name from the idea of being sudden or abrupt, like a sudden explosion of a few inches of hair.

Bangs in the 1940s and 1950s were worn as a blunt cut, thick and straight across the forehead. This was especially popular on children, when more mothers gave home hair cuts. As time went on, the 1980s enjoyed the infamous bang "poof," achieved by teasing the hair with a pick or comb and holding it upward with hair spray or hair gel. In that era, the bigger and higher the bangs, the better. Many agree this is a fashion statement that is dead in the grave and should not be resurrected!

Today, bangs are most often worn as sideswiped across the forehead, while others sport wispy straight bangs reminiscent of their thicker and flatter childhood version. These are known as fringed bangs hairstyles, and are perfect for both day and evening wear.

Types of Fringed Bangs Hairstyles

Fringed bangs hairstyles can take on a few different forms, depending upon face shape and personal style. The good news is fringe bangs tend to look fantastic on anyone once you achieve the right style for you.

Straight Fringe

Straight fringe bangs are extremely low maintenance and ideal for those who have fine hair that often looks flat. Fringe bangs can add dimension and style to otherwise wavering hairdos. For the look, wear your bangs in a subtly uneven cut just over the eyebrows. This can frame a round face and cause a slimming effect, but it can also just add a little style and glamour to an otherwise mundane hair day.

Contrasting Straight Fringe

If you have wavy or slightly curly hair, contrasting straight fringe can add a new level of dimension to your look. Cut a little blunter and shorter than traditional straight fringe, this style of bangs works well with a wide variety of facial shapes and hair colors. If you are fair skinned, you will find contrasting straight fringe bangs, especially multi-toned ones, will illuminate your features and cause your skin to "glow." Celebrities like Mischa Barton often wear contrasting straight fringed bangs at publicity events and award shows, giving this style a reputation of chic trendiness.

Puffy Fringe

Instead of straightened fringe, puffy fringe involves a little volume. The bangs are lightly curled to give thickness and height to the hair covering the forehead. Especially popular as an accompaniment to updos, this version of fringe banged hairstyles will add a vintage twist to your everyday look and will accentuate your eyes.

Other Options

If you are worried a fringed bangs hairstyle is not the look for you, there are plenty of other variations of bangs for you to try. Choppy bangs are great for gals with short hairstyles. Their varied length and random layout add fun and vibrancy to short and medium length hair.

Choppy bangs are a great way to embrace your inner punk without getting fired from your day job. Wild yet professionally acceptable, this style of face accentuation is best cut and styled by a professional until you learn how to manage the look yourself.

Lastly, side swept bangs are common nowadays. Cut at an angle, these can be worn long or short, and many people blend them into their hairstyle, giving them a face-framing look that is never harsh and always gorgeous. Perfect for oval or heart-shaped faces, side swept bangs are as popular as fringe bangs, if not more so.

Whichever style you choose, there is an ideal type of bangs out there just waiting to become part of your new and improved look.

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