Funky Hair Color Trends

Funky Hair Color

If you’re thinking about following funky hair color trends, there are many unique options to try. From bold, outrageous colors to chunky highlights to crazy color combos, you can add some funk to your style with the right color choice. Whether you have a punk or emo hair style or just want to add some eye-catching color to a casual look, these funky trends can inspire you.

Purple Hair
Purple hair highlights are one of today’s hottest color trends. Rich and luxurious, purple shades look great on either dark or light hair, and can be adjusted from the lightest lilac to the deepest royal purple hue. You can add just a few highlights or go for an all over purple hue depending on just how funky you want to be.

Emo Hair Color

Adding color is a popular way to make an emo hair style stand out. Long, draped bangs are bold when they’re a contrasting color to your hair, and choosing a lighter color such as blonde or white helps soften the look around your face. At the same time, add pink, blue, or purple strips for even more edge.

Pink Hair

Give your hair a touch of feminine flirtatiousness with pink hair highlights. Thin strips of highlights are more delicate than thicker chunks and work well as an accent to tapered bangs or layers. Other options include one thicker streak or colored tips.

Unnaturally Natural

If you want a bold funky hair color without an outrageous hue, opt for a color that is natural but is new for you. A bright red, platinum blonde, or stark black shade can be a fun change to try.

Two-Tone Color

Two-tone hair color can be a funky look if you choose contrasting shades. Accentuate dark hair with a contrasting bright blonde or rusty red hue, and use the color in bold patches for the funkiest effect. The colors could be layered on top of one another or worked side by side, depending on how strong you want the contrast to be.

Multiple Colors

Whereas one outrageous color used to be considered highly risqué, today’s funkiest looks use multiple unique colors in peek-a-boo highlights, thick chunks, or different patterns to create completely personalized looks. You can opt for coordinating colors or high contrast shades depending on just how funky you want to be.

Delicate Color

Crazy hair color is not just for alternative styles. If you’d like to add a personal touch of your favorite shade to your hair style, opt for thin streaks that frame your face to draw attention to the color without being overwhelming. If you prefer a thicker color chunk, opt to have only one.

Clip In Color

If you want unique hair color without a long term change, investigate clip on hair extensions in unique shades. These colorful locks are easy to take in and out of your style, giving you greater flexibility with changing your colors from day to day and even changing where in your style you want the color to be.

Platinum Blonde

Any startling hair color can be a funky but fun look. Platinum blonde styles are classic, and you can soften the look with a vintage style such as pin curls or sculpted waves that will still draw attention to the unusual color.

Pretty In Pink

If you want to be daring with your hair color, skip from the highlights or streaks right to all over wild hair color. The more outrageous the shade – pink, blue, and green are popular – the more noticeable your style will be.

Colored Tips

If you want to add just a bit of color to your style, dye the tips of your hair instead of the whole strand. This is a popular look for tinting mohawks and other alternative hair styles, and the added benefit is that colored tips require less upkeep as your hair continues to grow.

Color Your Classic Cut

A classic hair style, such as a blunt bob with bangs, may not seem outrageous until you add some unusual color. Metallic hues of blue, teal, and pink can make your look stand out even if the cut has not changed.

Kid’s Color

Funky hair color trends aren’t limited by age. Many children enjoy unique colors for Halloween or parties, and even senior citizens can spice up their hair with a burst of unusual color.

Coordinated Makeup

To make the most of your funky color, extend it beyond just your hair and coordinate the color with outrageous makeup as well. This will draw attention both to the hair color and to your face, giving you a seamless and outstanding look.

Skin Tone Contrasts

If you like the look of contrasting hair color but don’t want a multi-hued style, contrast the color with your skin tone. Rich, dark hair coupled with a pale complexion will lead to an ethereal, timeless look.

Want more ideas about the latest funky hair color trends? Check out these slideshows for more inspiration:

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Funky Hair Color Trends