Celebrity Layered Haircuts Gallery

Jennifer Aniston


To achieve the look of Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle, ask for a hair cut with long, face framing layers. When styling, hair should be dried with hair dryer and a round brush so the hair curves in towards the face. The ends of the hair should be flat ironed to create a smooth, straight look. Prior to drying and straightening the hair, it is important to use a heat protectant spray, otherwise the ends of the hair can become damaged and appear fried or frizzy, destracting from the smooth look of the style.

Jenna Fischer


Jenna Fischer's haircut has short layers around the front of the face. These layers will frame and accentuate facial features. To get her look, the layers should be texturized so they have extra volume. Prior to styling, apply a volumizing mousse to the hair. Style the cut with a hair dryer and round brush to achieve maximum volume.

Busy Phillips


Busy Phillip's hair style features long layers throughout the cut, with shorter layers in the front of the head that act as long side swept bangs. These layers should hit at the cheekbone or higher and can help downplay prominent features in the face. A natural oil, such as argan oil should be applied to damp hair to keep hair smooth, soft and healthy. Hair should then be dried with a flat paddle brush to achieve this smooth look.

Melissa Gilbert


Melissa Gilbert's haircut features multiple short layers near the front of the head. The shortest layer should be cut around chin length, so it can help frame the face. Additional layers, each gradually longer than the next, should be cut into the hair as well. This will help hair naturally curve in around the face for a flattering look on most face shapes. This hairstyle should be styled with a round brush, so the hair will have extra volume and the layers will curl in towards the face.

Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon's shaggy shoulder length haircut features side swept bangs and medium layers throughout. These layers should be cut with a razor or texturized to create the wispy, peicy look of this hairstyle. Bangs that complement this hair style should be cut below eye length and swept off to the side. Hair should be dried with a blow dryer, and a flat brush, so the ends of the hair can be flipped out.

Isla Fisher


Isla Fischer's super long hairstyle features long subtle layers throughout that help add volume to the hair and medium layers in the front of the cut that help frame the face and add dimension. Layers for this cut should be well blended into the hair for a more subtle look. This cut is ideal for adding curls with a large barrel curing iron. Prior to drying and styling, apply a heat protectant spray to the ends of the hair to prevent damage from occurring. Although the cut is a long style, the ends of the hair should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the hair looking healthy.

Lisa Rinna


Lisa Rinna's signature short hairstyle features short, choppy bangs and short shaggy layers throughout the cut. The layers should be cut with a razor and texturized to create volume and definition in the cut. Styling a cut like this is easy. After applying a volumizing mousse, hair should be dried with a hair dryer until the hair is 90% dried. Finish off the drying process with a flat brush. For a messy look, finish the hair by vigorously working a styling pomade through the hair to accentuate the shaggy layers.

Carrie Underwood


Carrie Underwood's hairstyle features multiple long and short layers throughout the hair. This look should be styled with an extra large round brush and a hair dryer. Focus styling at the root to create extra volume. The ends of the hair can be worked towards the face or away from the face, depending on individual preference. The ends of the hair can be curled with a large barrel curling iron to accentuate the volume created by the layers. This style should be finished with a flexible hold hairspray to keep layers from falling flat.

From shorter piecy haircuts to longer, more tousled looks, celebrity haircut pictures can offer ideas for many hair lengths. For more celebrity inspiration, see ideas for celebrity hair highlights.

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Celebrity Layered Haircuts Gallery