11 Goody Hair Accessories Essential for Your Favorite Styles

Popular Goody Hair Accessories


Goody is one of the leading brands of hair accessories for people of all ages. Their best-selling line of Ouchless elastics and head bands comes in a wide variety of colors as well as scrunchies. Goody has a wide variety of hair barrettes and hair clips that range from everyday wear to special occasions that can be purchased online or in stores.

Ouchless Comfort-flex Updo Barrette

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Goody's Ouchless Comfort-flex Updo Barrette is an oval barrette with a flexible plastic design to minimize snags and pulling hair. It offers a secure hold and all day wearability for hair that is worn in a complete updo or half up.

This barrette would be perfect to just clip thick hair out of your face at the back of your head or to wear in a twist. It comes one barrette per package in either black or brown and sells for about $5.

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Ouchless Hair Elastics

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Goody's Ouchless Hair Elastics are one of the most sought-after hair accessories. These elastics are stronger, keep their shape, and the metal free design is great for all day wear. These elastics work on medium to thick hair and easily blend into hair whether you are sporting a ponytail or messy bun.

The brown elastics come in a package of 29 elastics for less than $5. Black and blonde elastics are also offered, though package size may vary.

Clear Latex Hair Elastics

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Goody's Clear Latex Hair Elastics come in a package of three different sizes for a better fit in your hairstyle. They blend with your hair color perfectly for a chic finished look.

These elastics are perfect for smaller braids and securing little girls' hair that is too thin for a barrette or bow to stay. These hair elastics are sold in a package of 250 for about $8.

Color Collection Stretch Comb

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Goody's Color Collection Stretch Comb is the ultimate for a quick and elegant style! It is a weave of hair elastics between two hair combs. This hair accessory can hold hair out of your face at the back of your head or hold an updo while adding a decorative flair. Slide a comb in one side of your hair and stretch across to slide the second comb in on the opposite side.

It is offered in brown, so it will either stand out or blend in according to your hair color. It comes one per package and can be purchased for about $12.

Color Collection Ribbon-Wrapped Head Band

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The Color Collection Ribbon-Wrapped Head Band offers a pretty and comfortable accent. The ribbon colors blend with most hair colors and the zig zag comb adds a touch of volume to the crown area.

This head band is a must-have for those days when you want your hair out of your face but don't want to put your hair up. It comes one per package in a light brown (dark blonde) or black. It can be purchased for less than $10.

Girls' Trolls Headwrap

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Poppy's Flower Sparkle Headwrap is a must have for any little girl who loves sparkles or Trolls! This headwrap helps control unruly bangs and flyaways with all day comfort. It can be worn alone with the hair down or accenting a braid or ponytail. It comes one per package for less than $10.

Luxe Stayput Wire Hair Barrettes

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Goody's Luxe Stayput Jean Wire Hair Barrettes are perfect for the office or special occasions. These small silver barrettes have a wire clip back and are adorned with small black rhinestones. For those with medium to thick hair, these barrettes will work to clip back small sections or bangs out of your face.

They are also elegant enough to use on the sides of an updo such as a bun or twist. One pair can be purchased for less than $10.

Simple Styles Spin Pins

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Simple Styles Spin Pins make wearing hairstyles, such as buns, easy and quick. There is no need for dozens of hair pins anymore. These spin pins work best for holding medium to thick long hair. Twist your hair into a bun and spin one pin through the bun close to your head. For thinner hair or for half-up hair style, use a mini spin pin. They are sold in packages of two pins and come in dark brown and light brown for about $10.

Metal Hair Barrettes

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These barrettes are a classic in Goody's hair accessories. They are versatile in style and size and comfortable enough for all day wear. These barrettes work with any hair type. They are perfect for pulling hair back out of your face. They are sold in a package with one of each of three colors - wine, gold, and silver. These barrettes can be purchased for less than $4.

Doublewear 2-in-1 Ponytailer Bracelet

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For those who have a tendency to wear hair elastics as bracelets, the Doublewear 2-in-1 Ponytailer Bracelet offers the best of both. These work better for women with medium to thick who wear their hair in a ponytail or messy bun. They are sold in a package of three in a variety of colors. They can be purchased for less than $10.

Classics Spider Claw Hair Clip

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Goody's Classics Spider Claw Hair Clip is the perfect accessory for women who wear their hair in updos or buns. The Spider Claw Clip is best medium to long hair and comes in brown and black. It is sold one per package for less than $7.

No matter what your style may be Goody has a hair accessory to fit it. If you have young girls or baby girls, you can occasionally find hair bows from the Goody line of hair accessories. Have fun with hair accessories to update or create your own style!

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