Gwen Stefani Hair

Gwen's classic straight style.

Gwen Stefani's Color

She may be admired for her iconic fashions and adored for her hip music, but Gwen Stefani hair styles are just as inspiring as the trendsetter herself. Platinum blonde hair makes a glamorous impression. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani have all mastered the starlet platinum blonde fashion. If you're searching for a style that gets you noticed, look no further than platinum blonde locks.No doubt about it, Gwen Stefani is a fashion chameleon. If you want to pull of Gwen Stefani's hair and beauty style, don't fear experimentation.

  • Application- If you're a do it yourself hair colorist, it will be tricky to master Gwen Stefani's platinum hair color at home. Unless you have light blonde hair to begin with, you'll need to lift your base color too many levels, which can easily cause hair to end up orange, gold, or yellow. Most gals go through a two-step process when lifting their hair to a platinum white level. Rather than mastering the art of the color wheel, book a visit to the hair salon and meet with a professional stylist. Most colorists will lift your base to the desired level of blonde and finish with a white toner.
  • Maintenance- Touch-ups for platinum blonde hair will be needed every 3-6 weeks depending on outgrowth. Gwen's hair color is not for someone who wants low maintenance hair. Consider the time and expense of color touch-ups before shelling out the cash for this high maintenance style. An alternative to Gwen's platinum color is blonde hair highlights. Ask your stylist to weave in large chunks of platinum blonde highlights and hair lowlights shades for a look that is both edgy and fun.

Gwen Stefani Hair Styles

  • Wavy: Gwen's style works best on those seeking wavy hair style ideas. Simply ask your stylist for a medium length cut with some layering to add volume and endless styling options. Wavy gals can spritz hair prior to blow-drying with a light spray gel. Style layers with a round brush, or use heat rollers for Gwen's famous starlet ringlets. Finish with a medium hold spray. For a bed-head Gwen style, simply wake up and go!
  • Curly: Curl haired girls wishing to mimic Gwen's style will need to straighten hair with a blow-dryer or hair straightening iron prior to styling. Work a straightening balm into hair and blow-dry. Finish with a smoothing serum. Use rollers for added lift and volume. If you plan on wearing Gwen's style daily, avoid shampooing on a regular basis. Every other day should suffice and will help preserve the integrity of your hair.
  • Straight: Straight and fine hair types seeking to style hair like Gwen's will need the help of several styling aids. First, spray hair with a volumizing tonic prior to heat styling. Next, blow-dry hair with round brushes. Set hair in heated rollers and finish with a high hold hairspray. Avoid smoothing serums, waxes and pomades, which will only weigh down your hair style. Consider lots of layers to add interest, movement, and volume to your inspired Gwen Stefani hair style.



The internet is always buzzing with how-to guides on sedu celebrity hair styles and makeup ideas. While many celebrities are known to experiment with different styles and color, Gwen Stefani is iconic in her fashion sense. Gwen loves to wear different hair styles and uses many heat styling appliances. Whether she's sporting pin curl up-dos or super straight locks, it seems Gwen never runs out of inspiration.

Get Gwen's unique beauty style by investing in hot rollers for her glamorous look, and lots of ties and clips to master the high ponytails and buns that add interest to her artistic and edgy style. Take a break between hair washings and let day old hair work to your advantage.

The secret to Gwen's creative and unique style is constant change. Let loose, try new things and break the rules. With the right attitude, you can be both stylish and glamorous with your Gwen Stefani hair style.

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Gwen Stefani Hair