Gypsy Shag Haircut: The Effortless Boho-Chic Look


What better style to ring in this summer's maxi dresses and gladiator sandals than a gypsy shag haircut? A gypsy shag is a free spirited and sexy take on a layered cut. If you're ready for change and have a bit of a wild side, this might be the right cut for you.

Wearing a Gypsy Shag Haircut

The good news about shagadelic styles is that most gals (even guys) can wear them, regardless of hair type or hair color. Shags are retro and chic, so be prepared to make a beauty statement if you decide to make the cut.

Shag haircuts are defined by layers comprised of even lengths. Back in the 1970s, gals would pull their hair up high off their head and cut straight across to create a homespun shag.

Later, Stevie Nicks got wild and gypsy-esque on the stage, rocking her billowy fashions and tousling her shaggy waves. From there, the beloved shag style became known as the gypsy shag, and the rest, as they say, is hair history.

Gypsy Woman

For all those ladies who missed the wild and harkened summer of love days, shaggy hair styles and bohemian fashions continue to make a much appreciated runway and red carpet comeback. Celebrities like Sienna Miller are sporting boho styles, while hair trends consistently return to long and layered looks.

A shag haircut offers a trendy and hip urban edge with little long term commitment, along with plenty of styling options. Why not kiss sedu hair styles goodbye, and pay homage to your reckless and wandering roots?

Gypsy Styling

Styling a gypsy mane can be lots of fun, or lots of work, depending on the amount of hair you have and your natural hair texture.

Blow Drying and Adding Volume

Most shags are heavily layered, so be prepared to hit the blow dryer to add some volume to these layers if your hair is flat. Although many shags work well on fine hair, the gypsy shag is intended to be loose and full, so keep that in mind when coifing this mane.

Shags typically look their best when a volumizing spray is worked into the hair root, adding lift to the base of the style. Round brushes can help tame the layers, while curling irons can bend the ends or flip them up to create wispy and soft textures.

Waves and Curls

In addition to flipped up or under layers, free spirited gypsy locks may also benefit from sexy waves and curls. To add styling options to your shaggy style, consider a body wave or permanent. Both will help direct the long layers into a shape, adding a wandering and sexy amount of volume and body while enhancing the wild and roaming cut.


Color is another way to highlight and emphasize this unique style. Opt for chunking hair color techniques, such as bold lowlights or bright blonde highlights to add dimension and variation to your style. Although modern shags can be very chic and minimal, gypsy shags tend to be a little reckless and wild. Color touch ups may be less frequent, as a little bit of roots do the gypsy look good.

The Look

Because a gypsy shag is an overall hair and fashion style, keep your wardrobe fashions in gear when flaunting this unique cut. Opt for relaxed and billowy fashions and accessorize with rich leathers with just a touch of lace.

For unique hair accessories, go crazy with headbands and hair scarves like these from Free People.

To style, pull hair up into half ponytails and wrap forehead with scarves. Pair every outfit with a charming set of hoop earrings with little Bo-jangle beads, and wear lots of long layered necklaces with dainty charms to create this vagabond look.

Although hair trends and colors continually drift in and out of fashion, a shag hairstyle is versatile and always chic. Wearing a gypsy shag can be a super fun way to show your gypsy side while keeping your look feminine and sexy.

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Gypsy Shag Haircut: The Effortless Boho-Chic Look