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Dark Chocolate Hair Color

Hair color pictures can provide inspiration and new ideas. In this slideshow you'll find images of some of today's most popular hair colors to help you decide on your new look.

A deep chocolate brown hair color can look sophisticated and show off shiny healthy, hair. This hair color is very versatile and can work well on both warm and cool skin tones. Katie Holmes, Liz Hurley, and Tyra Banks are examples of celebrities who have worn this hair color.

Very Pale Blonde

Just a shade down from platinum, very pale blonde is a gorgeous color that is excellent for women with cool undertones. Make an appointment with a colorist if you are going for this light shade; it can be difficult to get this light with at-home products. Keep in mind that pale blonde will also require frequent touch-up appointments, since roots can be very noticeable. Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow are examples of stars with this color.

Medium Golden Blonde

Medium golden blonde is rich and can really brighten up the face. Go with golden blonde if your skin tone is on the warm side. Kate Hudsen and Sienna Miller have worn beautiful golden blonde shades.

Light Ash Brown

Light ash brown works well for women with cool skin tones who want to go for a lighter brown without yellow or orange bases. It is also easy to transition to this hair color from many natural brown and blonde shades. This an excellent color for lightening up in the spring or summer without the commitment of going blonde. Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel, both know for their girl-next-door beauty, have worn this hair color.

Coppery Red

Red hair color is bright, rich, and can be truly stunning. Copper shades look best on women with warm skin tones and really bring out the eyes for women with blue or green eyes.

Women with cool skin tones should consider a red color with a more blue or violet base. With any red hair color, keep in mind that this color is one of the quickest to fade and also requires frequent touch-ups to look vibrant. Singers Rihanna and Hayley Williams are known for rocking red locks.

Mahogony Brown

Mahogony, a medium brown with hints of red, is a shade that is versatile enough to be used on either cool or warm tones. The touch of red can help brighten cooler tones, and it nicely complements women with warm-toned skin. Actresses Lily Collins and Traci DeMarco have both sported this pretty hair color.

Strawberry Blonde

If you have a yearning for red but don't want the full-on color, strawberry blonde is the perfect way to go. This lively color is a great choice for women with warm undertones. Lindsay Lohan often wears a gorgeous strawberry blonde hair color.

Almost Black

While true black can be too harsh for many women, a very dark brunette shade can offer a dark hair color that looks more natural and beautiful. This is especially true for women with warmer skin tones; look for a dark walnut or deep black-brown shade to better complement your skin. Kim Kardashian is well-known for her ultra-dark locks.

Cool Dark Brown

A very dark brown with a cool or ash base can be the solution for women with cool undertones who want a very dark hair color. Katy Perry and Demi Moore show off this type of cool dark hue.

Chestnut Hair Color

A rich brown, chestut is a popular medium-brown color. This color can work well for warmer skin tones, but it is also a shade that can work on cooler skin as well, depending on the brand. Different manufacturers vary in their 'chestnut' colors. Some have more of an ash tone, and some have more of a golden tone. Look carefully at the color chart or discuss which tone is right for you with your colorist. Jessica Alba wears chestnut hair color, and Kate Middleton's naturally beautiful chestnut locks are coveted as well.

Caramel Hair Color

Caramel is another great color for warm undertones, and it is a popular shade for African American women; it can allow you to go lighter without causing the damage of blonde dye. Beyonce and Naomi Campbell have often worn gorgeous caramel colors.

Hair color pictures are essential to choosing a new look. From going just a shade or two lighter or darker to making a drastic change, images of popular hair color ideas can help you make the right choice.

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Hair Color Pictures