Pictures of Hair Color for African American Women

African American Hair Color Ideas

Women of color can enjoy a wide array of hair colors. From browns to reds, there are many choices that look great on women who have darker skin. When choosing a color, take into consideration tones that complement your skin tone and current color of hair. Browse through images of different hair colors to find what you like best. You can then talk to your stylist and decide what will work for you.

Bright Red

Women with strong personalities may opt for a bold hair color like the bright red pictured here. Vibrant hair colors are a hot trend that can definitely make you stand out in a crowd. A bright red shade works well with darker skin tones and can be used all over or as an accent. Take note that bright colors will require more frequent touch-ups than more natural tones to look their best.

Subtle Highlights

Add depth to dark hair with some subtle highlights. Choose shades that are lighter than your base color to add a fresh look to your hair. Shades such as honey, gold or caramel all work great with African American hair.

Edgy Twist

Try something outrageous and go with a bold, wild-looking color. Pinks and purples look edgy and work well with darker skin tones. If you opt for a bold color, it is best to get it done professionally for best results.

Bold Blonde

All-over blonde is a popular choice for African American women who want to lighten their hair color. Blonde hair can be a dramatic change and can make a woman feel confident and bold. It looks terrific, but does require more upkeep than simple highlights or darker shades.

Blue Streak

For a pop of color and a hint of fun, consider adding streaks in a bold, unexpected bright blue shade. Blue looks great against dark black hair and can add an exciting element to your current style and color.

Graceful Grey

There is nothing wrong with embracing your grey. Women often decide to keep their hair natural and let it go grey. If you decide to go grey, be sure to use products that will keep your hair looking its best. Grey hair looks fabulous against black skin tones and can pop when it is bright and vibrant.

Trendy Tones

Tones such as copper and burgundy are not only fashionable but complimentary to African American skin tones. The latest looks of the season are often reflected in fashion and in hair color trends. To keep your look fresh and in style, consider using a color that is hot for the current season. Women of color have a variety of options that will always give them new hair color options to consider for their hair!

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Pictures of Hair Color for African American Women