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A hair dryer holder can help clean up the clutter in your bathroom, or become your styling assistant, depending on the holder style you select.

A Styling Necessity

Hair dryers definitely make hair styling easier. You can use one to quickly dry your hair or you can spend time with your blow dryer and a brush styling your hair. For many men and women, the blow dryer is a necessity.

This necessity-status often results in two problems:

  • Bathroom clutter - The shape and size of the blow dryer makes it difficult to fit in a drawer so it often ends up being left on the counter.
  • Need for a free hand - Some hair styling is easier if you can use two hands - one to hold the brush and the other to wrap the hair around the brush.

A hair dryer holder is the solution for both problems.

Types of Hair Dryer Holders

There are two basic types of holders - the storage holder and the hair dryer stand.

Storage Holder

The storage holder is designed to capture your hair dryer for storage. The holder can be anything from a tall box to a fancy metal coil. Usually the blow dryer is placed nose-first into the holder. Holder styles include:

  • Metal or plastic baskets - These tall, open-topped containers hold the dryer upright with the heat end facing down. The metal or plastic deflects any heat that is still remaining in the blow dryer and they are easy to keep clean. Depending on the size of the basket, you may also be able to store your curling iron or all of your hair styling equipment in the same basket.
  • Chrome wall holders - These are usually a coil or ring shape into which the nose of the blow dryer can be placed. They can be hung on the wall or on the side of the counter. They are more space efficient than the basket style, but they only hold your blow dryer.

Hair Dryer Stand

A hair dryer stand can sit on the counter, sit on the floor, or hang on the wall. What ever style you choose, be sure that the stand:

  • Is designed to hold both narrow and wide-nosed blow dryers so you won't have to buy a new hair dryer stand when you purchase a new blow dryer.
  • Can easily tilt the dryer in the direction you need.

The stand provides a "free hand" for styling. It can also provide a steady stream of hot hair without the need for being held by hand. This can be a very helpful feature for those who:

  • Have limited movement or strength in their hand.
  • Have arthritis in their arms and hands.
  • Need both hands to complete their hair styling.
  • Use their blow dryer in conjunction with a towel.

Features to Look For

There are many styles available of each holder style. Look for a holder that:

  • Fits a wide variety of hair dryer shapes and sizes.
  • Will accommodate folding and compact hair dryers
  • Is easy to clean
  • Is easy to install
  • Is well-constructed and built-to-last
  • Portability might be important to you if you travel frequently

Where to Buy

Hair dryer holders are widely available in bed and bath stores, appliance and bath hardware areas in department stores, and at medical and beauty supply stores. The biggest selection of design styles and the lowest prices tend to be online, and the following resources can help you find the best model for your needs.

Storage Holder

Hair Dryer Stand

A hair dryer holder makes a great addition to any bathroom. Whether you are trying to alleviate clutter or you just need an extra hand, consider this handy tool. It also makes a great gift, either for anyone who uses a dryer frequently or for aspiring beauty school students!

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