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Hair style magazines are sources for ideas about new looks, hot trends, and how to get the hair you want. You can pick one up at the bookstore or newsstand, or check online for subscriptions. Here's a quick review of some of the magazines you'll find.

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American Salon

American Salon disproves the false notion that American fashion and hair styles are somehow less sophisticated and worldly than the hair styles that come from the runways of Paris and Milan.

Here, the looks are slightly haute couture, but still manage to keep that distinctive American style; one that's unique, beautiful and inherently independent. Even better is the fact that you can tread the entire magazine online.

Modern Salon

A quick glance at Modern Salon shows that the site is true to it's name, as you'll find how-to videos, featured stories and highlights of the latest looks. This is a good magazine for anyone who likes to know what looks are cutting edge, right now.

Hair's How

Speaking of cutting edge fashion trends, Hair's How seems to have invented the term. Sharp and irreverent, you can read this magazine online, and view the styles that are making news right now. Here, the styles are in-depth, and the photos are large and expressive. This is quite an advantage as it makes it much easier for you to view the latest styles, as well as explain to your stylist, exactly the kind of cut you want.

Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide

Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide claims to be the "#1 best selling hair and beauty magazine in the world." It features lots of big photos plus articles on celebrity 'dos, high-priced salons, and international styles. Pictures include brief descriptions of how the cut and color are created. A "clip and snip" guide at the back shows lots of options.

Hype Hair

Hype Hair is another hair style magazine dedicated to black women's hair. It's focused on styles, products, and trends. It does offer some tips on how to achieve the looks pictured, but the emphasis is more on how and why a look works and what it says about the woman who wears it. A "hair police" column highlights the worst of what readers have spotted on the street.

Hair Cut and Style

Like Cut and Style, Hair Cut and Style is all about how to get the look you want. It also looks at upcoming trends and celebrity styles.

Other Hair Style Magazines

Special issues of hair style magazines come out all the time. Watch for issues on color, trends, celebrities, and more. There are also hair style magazines just for professional stylists. Ask at your salon if you'd like to learn more about those.

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Hair Style Magazines