Hair Stylist Communication Interview

An intricate updo is impossible without good stylist communication.

Getting the perfect hair style can be a challenge, but individuals who practice good hair stylist communication have the best experiences and are more likely to be satisfied with their overall look. LoveToKnow Hair was privileged to speak recently with Joey Noufal, an award-winning stylist and owner of the Washington DC based Noufal Hair Color Studio, about the importance of clients communicating appropriately with their stylists for the best look.

About Joey Noufal

Joey Noufal has more than 20 years of experience in various hair styling techniques, including hair highlights, coloring, and other areas of expertise. The Noufal Hair Color Studio is a full service hair and beauty salon offering not only superior hair treatments including formal updos, conditioning treatments, and perms, but also manicures, pedicures, and other services to accentuate each individual's beauty.

The Interview

Why did you first get involved in the hair styling industry?

I got involved in high school as an after school job. I had a great interest in art and figured the hair industry was a good way to express my creativity.

What is your favorite style to create?

My favorite type of hair style to create is a short hair cut that frames the face.

Why is good hair stylist communication important?


Communication is the key to a good relationship between a client and a stylist. Understanding the client's needs, wants, and wishes will result in a satisfied client.

What should a client use to communicate the style they want?

Clients can bring in a variety of pictures they have cut out or have accumulated. I most often see celebrity pictures from magazines featuring the style she or he wishes to emulate.

What does the stylist need to know before beginning?

When I work with a client for the first time, I take a moment for a consultation where I discuss with them their past hair styles, current products they use, what tools they use, what look they are striving to achieve, and other topics. The most important hair-related information a stylist needs to know are the length of the hair and how much time the client wants to spend on styling it. Also, what type of hair styling tools and hair products they would like to be using.

What unusual information should also be shared?

At Noufal Hair Color Studio, we always inquire if our clients have any allergies to colors or products. Be sure to alert the stylist if you have any cowlicks in your hair as these might affect which style will work best for your type of hair.

What types of pictures are valuable for a stylist to preview?


Magazine pictures and the hair books are important to preview. The best place to find desired hair styles and color are in the hair style magazine cutouts.

What information should a stylist be sharing with the client?

Stylists should share what tools to use, how to apply the products, and how to use all of these in order to recreate the desired look at home. I also think it is important as a stylist to convey what you believe will look best for this particular client. At Noufal Hair Color Studio, it is my goal that we create the best possible look for each and every client…one that will exceed their expectations and keep them coming back and referring clients to the salon.

What is the most frequent hair stylist communication error?

When someone is getting highlights for the first time, sometimes I have experienced that the finished product might look different than they anticipated. Most often, when getting highlights for the first time, they might appear too light at first.

What can happen when there isn't enough stylist-client communication?

The client will become frustrated and unhappy. It is important for the client to ask their stylist for their advice to see what direction they might suggest taking their hair in terms of color, cut and style.

What should a client do if they feel their stylist isn't listening?

Make sure you get the attention of the stylist by slowing things down, and ask them to repeat back what you have asked for. If the stylist still doesn't seem to be listening, please ask for another stylist in the salon.

Thank You, Joey Noufal!

Many thanks to Joey Noufal for sharing his insight and tips for client-stylist communication with LoveToKnow Hair. For more information about the Noufal Hair Color Studio, visit or call (703) 893-7711.


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Hair Stylist Communication Interview