Gallery of Ideas for Hair Updos

Ten Hair Hair Updos Ideas

From simple, casual looks perfect for everyday styling to highly creative and unique updo designs, the updo is constantly being reinvented.

Whether you yearn for a classically gamine look, a funky boho-chic updo, or an updo with a modern edge, these updo ideas will help you create the right look any day (or night!) of the week.

Spiky Updo

Feeling a little punk? Try an edgy updo with a sharp, spiky feel. (This style works best for short to medium hair.)

Pull hair into a high ponytail on the top of the head, slightly toward the front, then use a firm hold styling gel to shape strands around and out in a circular design. Leave gel as is for a wet look, or comb through gently and spritz with a finishing spray for a less textured look.

The Bumpdo

A hot updo idea is an updo with extra height or volume, creating a 'bump' at the top of the head.

Sometimes referred to as a 'bumpdo,' this updo look can be created with or without bangs.

Glam Messy Updo With Braids

This hair updo idea combines two hot updo trends: the messy look and braids, which are being seen all over, including top celebrities. The look is carefully messy, pulled back into mussed sections, with individual braids accenting the sides.

Experiment with a slightly messy buns, knots, and twists with individual braids for an updo look that's glamorous without being too structured.

Updos With Accessories

Headbands, hair clips, and other hair accessories can be combined with updos for a little extra pizzazz.

Use fun, funky, or cool textured hair clips for casual updos, or choose dressy, sequined, or rhinestone headbands for more elegant updos.

Retro Inspired Swoop

A little bit retro, and little bit edgy, this look requires careful placement of the hair.

Arrange hair upward and under toward one side, backcombing slightly beforehand to add volume and then smoothing the top layer. Underpin hair to create the desired shape and finish with a firm hold finishing spray.

Funky Half Updo

The half updo is very popular, especially for formal hairstyles and specially occasions.

For a fresh and funky take on the half updo, try a messy style with wavy, slightly mussed hair. Add a braid for a romantic touch.

The Simple Updo

Don't underestimate the power of a simple updo!

Whether you simply sweep hair up in a clip or opt for a slicked-back look with a ponytail wrapped bun like this model is wearing, a sleek and simple updo can turn a bad hair day upside down and create a sophisticated look.

Asymmetrical Top Knot

A sleek side part and top knot opposite the part is a unique look that is modern and sophisticated. Experiment with different top knot placements for a look that feels comfortable for you.

Sculpted Updo Idea

A sculpted updo is artistic and modern, creating a dramatic statement. Sculpted looks require firm hold hair products and can be formed in various swirls, loops, and other designs held in place with pins. Add eye-catching accessories for evening to create an even more dramatic look with a sculpted updo style.

If you're all thumbs with hair sculpting, consult your stylist and get a unique look like this one for any special occassion.

Updos are versatile and can be styled to suit any mood or any event, so use your creativity to experiment with these updos and more!

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Gallery of Ideas for Hair Updos