Types of Haircuts for Thick Hair

Thick pixie cut
Pixie cut

Rather than fight your naturally thick hair type, learn to love your hair and find a style that adapts to your lifestyle and your locks. Thick hair can be a blessing, as it can support a variety of styles. Different shapes and curls work beautifully with thick hair, and long tresses pack plenty of volume.

Best Women's Cuts for Thick Hair

A talented stylist can help you find the best cut for your thick hair that will also flatter your facial shape. Your locks can look well-tamed and gorgeous when the best haircut for thick hair is implemented.


Pixie haircuts are a great option for women with thick hair who lead active lifestyles. If your facial features are demure and dainty, you'll fall in love with a chiseled crop that shows off your thick and healthy tresses. Styling creams and molding pastes provide shaping control.

Mid-Length Bob

A mid-length bob is a classic and sophisticated option for thick hair. If your face is narrow, shoot for the jaw line and draw attention to your cheekbones. If your face is round and soft, a shoulder-length bob is a flattering option.

The cut is lightweight and has a lot of volume on the sides. Also, having a bob means that the styling time is quicker. A boar bristle round brush, and a quality blow dryer, along with a smoothing serum will help bend your locks while adding sheen.

Sandra Bullock's mid-length bob
Mid-length bob

Long Layers

Before you think long hair is just too weighty for your thick tresses, consider long layers. Longer layers look best on hair that is shoulder length and longer. Layers can start at the chin to draw attention to facial features.

Adding layers will help add dimension to your cut while removing unwanted bulk and providing shape. Straightening irons, blow dryers and specialty tools like round brushes and styling creams will help add shine and separation to long layered cuts.

Long layers
Long layers

Styling Considerations for Women's Cuts

Adding Waves

While many ladies with thick hair were also born with natural curl, others find adding texture is nearly impossible without the weight of their locks stretching out their waves. If you want to add some bounce to your thick hair, a perm or body wave is the best option. A body wave should be paired with layers to create a multitude of cascading locks. This alternative can help decrease styling time while adding much needed lift at the roots.

Considerations for Bangs

Ladies with wavy and extremely curly and thick hair, should proceed to get bangs with caution. Bangs on these hair types never seem to lay correctly. When wearing the hair straight, you may spend more time flattening and taming frizz than enjoying the edgy look of bangs. Long, face-framing layers are a better option that will help support weight. A side swept bang is a suitable option if you must opt for a forehead framing shape.

Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

Men with thick hair will find plenty of stylish options once they embrace their natural abundance. Consider these options:

Short Crew Cuts

These cuts are masculine, rugged and look great on thick hair types. Ask your stylist to leave a little bit more length on the top so you can experiment with different styles like spikes or a faux hawk.

Stylish short crew cut
Stylish short crew cut

Chin-Length Styles

Men with textured or wavy hair paired with thick tresses can try growing their hair out in a chin length style. The weight of longer hair can sometimes make thick hair more manageable. A modern shag cut is great choice for busy men with longer, thick hair. Be sure to add a a light holding mousse or gel for definition.

Men's shag haircut
Men's shag haircut

Cuts for Children with Thick Hair

Parents of children with thick hair, may be wondering about the types of haircuts or styling options their children can receive.

Girl's Hair

Rather than pull her thick tresses back into ponytail every day, help her work with her hair type at an early age. Girls with thick straight hair can pull off a classic bob style that's perfect for their busy childhoods.

If her hair is wavy, ask her stylist to remove the bulk so that she can keep her tresses without fighting unruly waves or volume. Removing the bulk will also allow her to wear more timeless styles such as long layered cuts.

Bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle

Boy's Cuts

For the boys, a classic buzz or crew cut is a great time-saving option for thick hair. If he's active in sports, he'll love the simple management this technique provides.

For a more stylish alternative, a short layered style adds body and shape. Thick hair is likely to spike well, so consider all the fun hair products such as waxes, pomades, pastes and glue, and help him embrace his growth pattern.

Short spiky hairstyle
Short spiky hairstyle

Thick Hair Tips

Regardless of the specific haircuts for thick hair individuals are interested in, understanding how to care for thick hair to keep it gorgeous is necessary for the best look.

  • Wash thick hair thoroughly to remove all dirt, dust, and oils that may become trapped in thick locks.
  • Add root boost hair spray or gel if additional volume is desired near the crown.
  • Layers need to be trimmed regularly to avoid developing split ends.
  • Avoid heavily razored and wispy shapes, which will look frizzy rather than tamed and managed.

Many Options

There are many different styling options for thick hair that are attractive and stunning. Thick hair can be worn in many ways without ever coming up thin on style.

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Types of Haircuts for Thick Hair