Hairstyle for Long Face Shapes

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Flatter a longer face.

If you want a truly flattering hairstyle for long face shapes, try to avoid anything that adds additional height or length. Here's a look at a few design ideas that will help to minimize the length of the face while drawing attention to the cheeks and adding face flattering width.

About Long Faces

If you have a longer face, don't fret. This unique trait has plenty to be thankful for. Not only do you have an excellent canvas for cosmetic application, you also have the ability to wear many hairstyles that would look disproportionate on a smaller face shape. Understanding what works on your facial shape can help you better assess your needs, wants and desires when it comes to a new hairstyle.

Bear in mind every flattering cut must work with your natural hair texture to look its best. An experienced stylist is your best bet in finding a hairstyle that works for both your lifestyle and proportion. If you need an idea for a hairstyle for long face shapes, take a look at the following celebrity inspirations and steal their style.

Inspiration: A Hairstyle for Long Face Shapes

Take a look at these well known celebrities, such as Ashlee Simpson, who have long faces and find a style that fits you.

Lisa Kudrow

Well-known and loved for her role as Phoebe in the popular Friends sitcom, Lisa Kudrow has a well-recognized long face shape. While Lisa normally keeps her hair long and straight, playing with a variety of bangs and minimizing top height is the key to her unique look. If you want to flatter your longer facial shape, consider wearing nearly any type of bang, although anything too short or choppy should generally be avoided. Eyebrow-gracing bangs will tun heads and look modern. A side swept bang will help balance a narrow chin. While Lisa's character Phoebe wore plenty long and straight hippie-inspired styles, it's best to avoid center parts, as they will only slenderize and elongate your face. Instead, opt for side center parts paired with layers.

Liv Tyler

Perhaps best known as Aerosmith lead Steven Tyler's daughter, Liv Tyler is a knock-out example of a long face shape. Liv works plenty of long layers into her variety of looks to create width and interest at the cheekbones. A longer bang which cascades down the sides of her face helps draw attention to her eye area while minimizing her overall facial length. In addition, Liv keeps her hair a solid dark hue which helps add depth to her look, helping to balance and de-emphasize her longer face. Liz is a perfect example of how to wear sexy and long locks with a longer face.

Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman is blessed with plenty of enviable traits, including a long facial shape. If you've got long curls and a long face, you're in great company. While Nicole generally opts for long and straight styles with an off-center part, her curly locks are one of her better assets. Curly hair helps to add width and volume to longer faces. Just bear in mind the overall width of the hair should be focused on the sides of the head rather than the top or bottom. Pair your curls with light layers and you'll have even more balance.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is yet another fashionable example of how to wear hair on a longer face shape with style. Tori keeps it simple and easy with a longer bob that has a sideswept bang. This versatile style is polished, chic and perfect for her busy stay-at-home mom lifestyle. A few well-placed hair accessories on the side of the head will help draw attention to cheekbones, visually shortening the facial shape. If you want a medium to long style that requires little fuss on your long face shape, why not be inspired by one of Hollywood's trendiest moms?

Find Your Best Look

To achieve your best look, book an appointment with your stylist and discuss your hair styling challenges, options and ideas. Evaluate your better facial features and brainstorm ways to make those same features the focus.

Longer faces are some of the most elegant and beautiful and require little more than confidence to look their best. So long as you avoid any styles that drag down your facial shape or emphasize height, you're certain to find plenty of flattering options.

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