Hairstyle for Shape of Face

Curls balance heart faces.

Choosing the right hairstyle for shape of face concerns is more complicated than simply selecting a style that looks good in a picture or on a model. Even the greatest hair cut can look off balance or disproportioned if it is not suitable for your individual face shape.

Finding Your Face Shape

The most important step to finding the best hair style for your face shape is to first determine what your face shape really is. There are several ways to do this, including tracing an outline of your face on a photograph, outlining your face on the mirror, or taking measurements of the different proportions of your face. Consulting a stylist is also a good way to determine your true face shape, and they can recommend different styles to go with your features and proportions.

Most faces are not one dominant shape, but rather a combination of one or more shapes. Understanding what characteristics particular shapes have can help you decide which shape most closely matches your own face.

  • Oval: The classic oval face is evenly proportioned, well balanced, and gently curved. The face is longer than it is wide but it no too long to be considered overly slender.
  • Rectangular: Long, slender faces with high foreheads and similar sizes of foreheads and jaws are considered rectangular.
  • Round: Full cheeks, strong curves, and the cheeks and ears at the widest part of the face characterize round faces.
  • Square: A strong jaw and matching strong hairline on a shorter face are characteristics of square face shapes.
  • Heart: Heart face shapes are wide at the temples and forehead but taper noticeably to a pointed or delicate chin and narrow jaw. Many heart shaped faces also have widow's peaks in the center of the hairline.
  • Triangle: A triangular face has a narrow forehead that widens to a strong, broad jaw.

Addressing Hairstyle for Shape of Face Concerns

Finding the best style for your face shape depends on more than just determining what that shape is, however. The exact facial features you want to emphasize or obscure can affect the type of style you choose. In general, the best approach is to carefully balance your hair style, hair type, face shape, facial features, and skin tone for a coordinated, complimentary look.

The basic types of face shape hair styles include:

  • For Oval Faces: Most hair styles work with this symmetrical shape, though the hair should generally be kept off the face to avoid unintentionally distorting the features. Heavy bangs should be avoided.
  • For Rectangular Faces: Choosing hair styles with full sides can add width to the face for better balance, and layers can soften the sharp angles of the face. Avoid longer styles that emphasize the length of the face.
  • For Round Faces: The best round face hair styles add volume on the top of the head and keep hair longer than the chin to lengthen the face. Avoid short bobs or shags that will add even more width to the face.
  • For Square Faces: The strong angles in a square face shape can be softened with layers, gentle waves, or curls. Bangs should drape across the face rather than cut straight across it which would only emphasize the squareness.
  • For Heart Faces: Balance the wider forehead with added volume at or below the chin while keeping volume to a minimum higher on the head. Layers can add texture and detail to the narrow part of the face.
  • For Triangle Faces: Short hair styles work best with wide jaws because they can balance the jaw by adding volume. Avoid long styles that will crowd the chin.

Using Hair Styles to Change Face Shapes

Careful consideration of hairstyle for shape of face concerns can actually help you change your face shape for a dramatically different look. Consider the length of the hair, the prominent facial angles, the hair texture, and facial features to use your hair style to alter your face. For example, an individual with a rectangular face may look boxy in short, unstructured cut, but lengthening the hair, adding swooped bangs, and tapered end layers will create the illusion of a more heart shaped or oval face.

Finding Your Balance

The best way to find your balance of your face shape and your hair style is to experiment with small changes before adopting dramatically different looks. Also consider alternative ways to subtly alter your face's appearance: changing your hair color, adding hair highlights or lowlights, or choosing hair accessories to create a new look with a new focal point instead of focusing on your face shape.

Finding your best hairstyle for shape of face concerns can help you create a stunningly beautiful look regardless of your face shape. Just as clothing should be chosen based on your body shape, so too should your hair style take your face shape into consideration for a look that brings out your individual beauty.

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