Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes

Actress Demi Moore
Show off your square shape!

If you're looking for flattering hairstyles for square face shapes, look no further than the following bold and strong leading ladies for design inspiration. Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley and Ellen Barkin all share your same unique trait and prove this facial shape can be fabulous.

About the Square Face Shape

With signature strong lines and a wide forehead and chin, the square face shape demands attention. Most women who are blessed with this facial shape know their strong and prominent jawline turns heads when it becomes a focal point. To determine if you have a square face shape, simply look in the mirror and envision a set of dots on both sides of your face at the temple, cheek and jawbone area. If the dots can connect visually to create a square, then be sure to read on for flattering hairstyles for square face shapes to look your best.

Flattering Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes

The mantra for square face shapes could easily be, if you've got it, flaunt it. Square face shapes are strong and sexy and should be enhanced softly to celebrate this unique trait without overpowering it. Squares already have plenty of bold lines and points of interest. To better flatter this shape, aim to create soft fluid lines that gently caress and skim the jaw, cheek and forehead. Take a look at these style ideas befit for the square.

  • An angled bob will help create some much needed cheekbone definition. Since squares have a wider facial shape, adding some detail at the cheeks will create visual definition and balance.
  • Opt for brow length side swept bangs that help soften and minimize the strong jawline. If you opt for a longer layered cut, be sure to blend bangs into the cut to avoid unflattering and telltale shape-enhancing lines.
  • Add some romance to your look with soft curls. Whether you have naturally curly hair like actress Minnie Driver, or add some wave with a curling iron or hot rollers, the soft curls will help soften the angles of your square facial shape.
  • Hair updos that are soft and windswept are an utterly flattering and feminine look for square faces. Rather than opt for severe ponytails, make sure your pulled back styles are loose and tousled.
  • Keep it chic and simple with a long and relaxed straight style. A long length 70s inspired cut will little texture and movement balances square lines while looking sophisticated and bold.

What to Avoid

While the square face shape has plenty of flattering design options, there are still a few hair "don'ts" that should be noted and kept in mind at your next haircut appointment. Since the square is already blessed with distinctive lines and points, be sure to avoid any style that widens, shortens, or basically creates any type of "box" shape. This includes one-length chin-level bobs with a pairing of a short blunt bang. If you wear medium to short hair, makes sure it has some movement and layering to visually break up your square face shape. Never wear a haircut that hits at the broadest part of your face. If you opt for a bang, make sure it is uneven and sideswept for the most flattering look. If you want to rock a short pixie, be sure to add some soft pieces around your face to add a feminine touch to this otherwise severe look on a square. Adding texture and pieces to the square shape will always be a flattering choice.

The square has plenty to be thankful for. The bold lines of this facial shape are distinctive, dramatic and strong. Be sure to enhance your unique facial shape and balance your width for your overall best look.

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Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes