Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Woman with a thick, wavy hairstyle
Thick wavy hair can be lovely.

Rather than fight your natural curl, these hairstyles for thick wavy hair will help showcase your coveted texture while minimizing styling time.

Best Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

If you have thick and wavy hair, chances are you've considered using a straightening iron to flatten out your locks or perhaps even considered a cropped cut to make styling more bearable. Even simple blow drying thick hair straight is a daunting task that can take at least an hour. If done several times a week, the damage to the cuticle and the time invested makes many women consider this unique asset more of a beauty burden. Thankfully, wavy hair has plenty of styling options if you work with your wave and a handful of styling products and heated tools.

Glamorous Waves

Woman with glamorous, thick wavy hair

Glamorous red-carpet ready waves are an easy fix for wavy locks. Whether you have long hair or a more medium length, you can capture the essence of old Hollywood glamour with a set of hot rollers. To style, start with day old hair. Spray a texturizing spray from scalp to ends to add some volume and body. Set hair in hot rollers and spray heavily with a firm hold hairspray. Allow rollers to cool completely, unravel, and finger tousle to unveil your sexy waves.

Rocker Curls

Woman with thick rocker curls hairstyle

If you want to capture that touch-chic look that pairs effortlessly with black boots and leggings, you'll want to opt for disheveled rocker curls. Don't fuss with curl patterns or try to perfect this style, instead let your wave rule and help define its natural shape. Start with freshly washed hair. Towel dry and apply a volumizing spray at roots. Allow hair to air dry, scrunching and blotting throughout the process to help shape your natural waves, but do so gently to avoid tangles. Once hair is dry, work a texturizing paste through the ends to separate your locks while adding some definition.

Loose and Feminine

Woman with long, loose curly hairstyle

Loose and feminine waves are one of the most coveted and sexiest of hairstyles for thick wavy hair. This look can be created with ease by setting hair in rollers or using a large barrel curling iron on thoroughly dried hair. Loose curls can be worn several days in between washings by simply touching up the curl as needed. To help give this style staying power, avoid using heavy styling products such as pastes, creams, and volumizing sprays and opt for a simple veil of hairspray instead, reapplying as needed.

Pixie Cuts

Woman with wavy pixie cut hairstyle

If you're ready to lop off your length but still want to help support your natural texture, you may consider a cropped pixie cut. Rather than straighten this style, work with a molding paste to define the shape while adding subtle sheen. This cut is a carefree, low maintenance style that also showcases a bit of femininity with the added curl.

What to Avoid

Prior to opting for a new hairstyle, you'll need to know what to avoid when working with your natural texture.

  • Women with thick waves should always avoid plentiful and choppy layers. Too many layers will give you too much fullness, resulting in an unmanageable cut. Long layers, no matter the length, tend to work best on natural waves as they help support the shape of the curls while removing some of the bulk in the cut, providing a softer shape and movement.
  • While it may be tempting to remove some of the bulk, avoid thinning shears at all costs. There are many other techniques to texturize and remove bulk without using thinning shears, which will only result in fuzzy ends.

Embrace Your Locks

For years, women with thick waves have fought in vain to control their natural hair type. With today's styling products and expert hairdressing techniques, why not embrace your feminine waves with love?

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Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair