Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Middle-aged man with short, thinning hair

When men and women begin to notice hair loss, finding the right hairstyles for thinning hair can make the transition easy and stylish without resorting to radical treatments or products to artificially thicken the hair.

Going Natural with Hair Loss

Many people who are afflicted with hair loss, men in particular, may embrace this natural process as a sign of sophistication and maturity rather than attempting to conceal or reverse it. While there is more social and personal stigma for a woman with thinning hair, there are also many styles a woman can choose to make the most of her thinner locks without sacrificing style and beauty. Embracing a natural look for thinning hair can be refreshing for both men and women as they opt to avoid stressing over the condition, and their new relaxed hair styles can be as boldly beautiful as any for thick hair.

Types of Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

The goal of most hairstyles for fine or thin hair is to create a thicker, more luxuriant look while drawing attention away from the thinner locks. Focusing on the face, including the eyes and smile, creates a stunning look that emphasizes the person rather than the hairstyle while still being fashionable.

For Men

The best hairstyles for men with thinning hair - whether it is from male pattern baldness or another condition resulting in hair loss - are shorter, more direct looks. Hair that is very short, such as a buzz cut or military hair cut, ironically appears thicker and any thinning is less noticeable.

Man with mustache, goatee and shaved head
Bald can be sexy.

Slightly longer styles may include spikes or short waves, and clumping the hair together while styling will give it a thicker appearance. Shag hair styles are particularly popular because the slightly longer hair can compensate for thinner areas on the scalp.

One style men should try to avoid if their hair is thinning is the comb over. While a partial comb over is suitable when hair is still thick enough to look natural and flowing, the thinner the hair the more obvious this method of concealment will be. Men should also avoid using too much hair gel or other hair products that may increase the shine of the hair because they will also increase the shine on the scalp, making thinner areas more noticeable.

Some men, when faced with thinning hair, opt for a head shave to eliminate the problem altogether without gradually changing styles. A shaved head can be attractive and masculine, as well as relatively easy to care for. Another option men have when their hair starts to thin is to add facial hair to their styles - a beard or mustache will draw attention to the face and away from a thinning or receding hairline.

For Women

Women with thinning hair also have numerous options for attractive styles that can bolster their fine locks. Long hair should be avoided, since the weight of the hair will only emphasize its thinness and long strands break more easily, resulting in a less polished style. Medium length hair or short hair styles are ideal for women with fine hair. Wearing bangs or face-framing tendrils will draw attention to the face, as will flipped ends or chin length curls.

Woman's bob hairstyle hides thinning hair
Tapered bobs draw attention to the face and away from thinning hair.

Adding volume to the crown can also help maximize the appearance of thin hair. Layered hairstyles for thinning hair should use shorter layers on the crown of the head to add greater hair coverage to the thinnest areas. Root boost hair spray or conditioner can also help emphasize the hair's volume while concealing its thinness.

If a woman does opt to keep her thinning locks long, updo styles can be sophisticated and luxurious without revealing thin areas. Braid hair styles are another viable option, because clumping the hair together, just like for men's styles, will maximize the apparent thickness of the hair.

Limiting Thinning Hair

Once thinning hair is discovered, there are ways to slow the thinning process and keep hair at its healthiest. While there are many causes for hair loss including genetics, aging, and disease, eating a diet for healthy hair will ensure that the hair has all the appropriate proteins and nutrients necessary for optimal growth. Avoid using too many hair products that may clog hair follicles and restrict growth, and use more natural hair care methods to avoid excessive chemicals, heat styling, and other treatments that could damage hair or impair growth. Whether hair is thick or thin, if it is healthy and well maintained it will be lovely and stylish.

There are many hairstyles for thinning hair that both men and women can choose from, whether they prefer long or short styles, or even no hair at all. Whatever look they choose, working with thinning hair rather than fighting the natural process will create a stunning look that embraces the natural beauty of their hair.


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