Hairstyles for a Quinceanera

Celebrating 15

A quinceanera is a very special time in a young Latina's life, and the right hairstyles for a quinceanera can make her fell as special as this birthday should be.

The keey to getting a great quinceanera style, however, is to have healthy hair. Get a good hair cut or trim a week before the celebration, and use good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep hair looking its best so it will be beautiful on this meaningful day.

Sculpted Curls

A long quinceanera hairstyle that is popular with young women is a sculpted curl updo.

The hair is pulled back smoothly on the head but then curled luxuriously to cascade down the back after a partial updo.

Leave long ringlets loose about the shoulders for a particularly romantic style.

Short Quinceanera Hair

A quinceanera with short hair can still have a minimal updo look. Pull the hair back over the crown and pit it up at the nape of the neck, and accent the style with a tiered tiara for extra height.

Side swept bangs brushing one eye will help frame the face and soften this look.

Quinceanera Updos

Updos are popular hairstyles for a quinceanera, and soft side swept bangs can keep the look from being too severe.

Swoop the bangs across the forehead in a smooth curve for a romantic, youthful look that still has sophisticated charm, and let the rear curls be a bit fine and loose for a modern touch.

High Updo

A high updo with curled ringlets is perfect for a quinceanera with thick hair and lots of volume.

The curls can hold her tiara beautifully, and leaving a few loose ringlets at the temples or nape of the nick will give the updo a sweet finish.


Tiaras are popular hair accessories for quinceaneras, and many specialized tiaras have the number 15 at the prominent point.

A tiara is perfect to wear with an updo but looks equally festive and special with long, loose hair.

Loose Hair

A more casual quinceanera may choose to wear her hair down and loose without any tiara or jeweled accessory.

Soft ringlets or luscious waves are perfect for a womanly hair style and won't detract from the quinceanera's dress, flowers, or makeup.

Tight Ringlets

Tight ringlet curls are popular for Latinas with very curly hair. The small ringlets have plenty of volume and look great with a classic tiara.

Hair with a lot of curl and volume looks best loose or only in half updo so it doesn't overwhelm the young woman's face shape.

Sweet and Simple

A sweetly simple hair style is perfect for a traditional, modest quinceanera. This style works best with fine, straight hair and gives it a romantic, gently look.

Part the hair in the center and draw sections on each side back for a simple half updo, letting the hair cascade down the back.

Top the style with a low tiara for extra sparkly without being ostentatious.

Soft Curls

Soft curls and simple waves are great in a half updo for a quinceanera.

This style works well without bangs or with a simple side swept bang, and small wings of hair covering the tops of the ears ensure a modest, feminine look even without extra styling or accessories.

Floral Accessories

While a tiara may be traditional for quinceaneras, some young women opt for more colorful hair pieces instead.

A bright flower to match the dress or a feathered hair piece is a more unusual and stunning option that accents the hair style in a fun, festive way without being predictable.

Quinceanera Color

Getting hair highlights can be a special way to make hairstyles for a quinceanera more unique and grown up, symbolizing the young girl's transition into womanhood.

Natural face-framing highlights are best and will help draw attention to her face without looking fake or contrived.

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Hairstyles for a Quinceanera