Half Up Wedding Veil Hair Styles

Bride with half up hairstyle and veil
Create a romantic style.

Half up wedding veil hair styles are a traditional and romantic look for brides in any season. Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, there are plenty of formal wedding styles that can be swept up to frame your face while working with a variety of veil options.

Advantages of Half Up Wedding Veil Hair Styles

Not every bride wants to wear her hair in a heavily coifed updo, which is exactly why half up wedding veil hair styles are a classic option for plenty of women. Wearing the hair half up can create an elegant and romantic style that works beautifully with a long and flowing veil. If you're considering how to wear your hair on your big day, the following benefits may help you decide a half up style.

  • Feminine: Feminine styles like half updos are a wonderful pairing for wedding gowns. Not only will your dress take center stage with a half up style, the rest of your hair can be shown off and left loose to cascade down your back if desired. You can set hair in rollers and barrel curls to create undeniable sexy waves.
  • Add Structure: If you have long hair and want to keep it the focus of your style, a half updo takes the entire look up a notch without sacrificing the beauty of your length. By simply pinning up a few sections of your hair, you can adorn your tresses with loose flowers, pearl bobby pins, or a princess tiara to add structure and formality to your look.
  • Show Off Color: If you have interesting and dramatic hair color, such as chunky highlights, you may choose to highlight them with a half up style.
  • Bang Control: If you're in between hair lengths or growing out a bang, a half up style will add a formality to your look and provide a distraction to a work-in-progress haircut.
  • Weather Friendly: While full updos offer undeniable glamour, weather conditions may wreak havoc on even the most pristinely coiffed style. If you will be in unstable weather conditions, you may choose a half up style to provide a bit of control that maintain its shape better than a fully pinned and tucked shape.
  • Add Height: Depending on the hair adornment under your veil, a half up style may work better than a full and voluminous upsweep. Many women who wear a small hair comb to attach their veil to the base of their scalp opt for a half up wedding veil hairstyle.
  • Do It Yourself: Unlike many complicated updo styles, most swept up half updos can be successfully created at home with the help of a few styling essentials and tools. If you plan on dressing your own tresses, a half up style is an easy formal hair style and winning choice that will provide professional results.

Get the Tools

To create a half up wedding hairstyle, make sure you have the following tools and products on hand:

  • Blow dryer
  • Hair rollers and curling irons in several diameters
  • Flat iron if needed
  • Round brushes
  • Setting lotion or smoothing cream
  • Bobby and hairpins
  • Hair elastics
  • Hair spray

Looks to Love

Style options are endless for half up bridal styles. You can twist hair back into small sections to create a rope like design, or add fullness at your scalp with rollers and backcomb the base to create a slick and chic shape. Many women who op for half up styles simply curl the ends and let large curls tumble down the back and sides of the styles. Bear in mind your wedding hair should suit your dress. If your dress is formal and elegant, you may choose a style like a structured half up chignon, while a romantic and flowy dressed bride may opt for lightly pinned sections that showcase her romantic side. When you're playing with half up dress styles, make sure you have your veil at hand to test out how your locks will work with your dress and bridal hair piece. If you're meeting with your stylist to discuss formal hairstyling options, it's important to bring your veil to the salon to test out your options. Give yourself plenty of time to try out different style ideas for the best results.

After all those years finding the groom, planning the wedding details, and shopping for the perfect dress, your hair deserves the same attention. Thankfully, half up designs are a lower maintenance style suggestion that are also suitable for a broader range of hair types and lengths.

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