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David Hasselhoff

A David Hasselhoff mullet became popular in the 1980s when Hasselhoff wore a mullet hair style, longer hair in the back and shorter hair in the front on the television show Knight Rider. In the show, he drove a talking, computerized car (high tech at the time) named KIT. Hasselhoff's curly hair mullet was tapered in the front with curls that cascaded into longer curly hair in the back.

Achieving a David Hasselhoff Mullet

Hair that is shoulder length or longer can be cut into the style that David Hasselhoff wore. Simply taper the sides of the hair short with fullness at the top and back of the head. The back of the hair can be kept shoulder-length or slightly shorter. The hair should be colored a deep, rich black for it to resemble David Hasselhoff's style. This style can be achieved with hair that is naturally curly or the hair can be curled into medium-sized curls with a curling iron. Alternatively, the hair can be set on medium curlers for longer-lasting curls without added heat.

Popularity of David's Mullet

David Hasselhoff was viewed as being sexy and dashing in his mullet in the 1980s. In addition to starring in the television show Knight Rider, he also starred in Bay Watch, another show that aired in the 1980s, and he was still wearing a mullet. In fact, many other celebrities and musicians wore mullets during that era. When the mullet, fad faded, however, Hasselhoff and other celebrities who wore mullets were viewed as lacking fashion sense. The mullet became a style to avoid, and the Hasselhoff hairstyle was ridiculed.

Why did Men Wear Mullets?

Men wore mullets because they were a masculine for long hair and a sexy edge. Men could get away with wearing shoulder length hair even if they were not celebrities or musicians. Hasselhoff played on the fact that he had thick, full hair, with luxurious curls. Hasselhoff and other men who wore mullets probably felt that the mullet hairstyle was an easy to maintain style that looked good and stylish.

Modern Mullets

Today, mullets are making a comeback but in a less flamboyant style than during the 1980s. Today's reverse mullet and other mullet-inspired styles have more choppy layers and tapering to smooth out the length differences between the front and back, but the inspiration of the Hasselhoff mullet can still be seen.

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