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Solutions for Highlighted Blonde Hair that Is Turning Green

Keep your hue looking new!

Is your highlighted blonde hair turning green? Read on as LoveToKnow Hair provides you with an explanation regarding this awkward phenomenon.

Reasons for Highlighted Blonde Hair Turning Green

The main reason for highlighted blonde hair changing colors is the presence of chlorine, copper, and other chemicals in your water supply. These substances oxidize on the hair resulting in a color change. In fact, it is mainly copper that carries the responsibility for the green tint, yet chlorine and chemicals also take a part in fading and altering the color of your hair.

It isn't just blonde hair that suffers this sort of color change, but blonde hair is light enough to register a drastic change in color. Other hair types such as brunette, red or black will also change color or fade after exposure to chlorine and other elements; however, this green tinge is not obvious on darker hair colors. Highlighted blonde hair has already suffered some chemical damage and will be harder to care for once the oxidative effects have taken place. This is because many of the hair treatments for removing the green tinge involve mild acid effects which may further eat away at your already damaged hair cuticle.

Where Does the Copper Come From?

So why is copper included in your water supply, particularly in your pool? The majority of the copper found in your pool is the result of algae-fighting chemicals included with chlorine to keep your water as micro-organism free as possible. As well as being the active ingredient in anti-algae formulations, copper is also used in the heating mechanisms of some pools.

Prevention is Key

Before you leap for a solution, prevention is the key for all hair problems. If you have recently highlighted your hair and are preparing for a summer of fun by the pool, you will have to take greater measures than most in order to avoid the effect of highlighted blonde hair turning green. For starters, it is always best to coat your hair with a sealant before entering the pool. Hair absorbs water quickly, so by spraying your hair with a protective sealant product or even a lightweight conditioner, you can lessen the amount of chemicals absorbed into the hair shaft. Wearing a swim cap can also protect your locks from the damaging effects of chlorine.

Hot Products for Swimmer's Hair

Nexxus has a product out on the market specifically intended to clarify hair that has been exposed to chlorine, chemical treatments, and general buildup. This Nexxus Aloe Rid Treatment Deep Clarifying Solution is described as a chelator and is an excellent solution for the problems your hair may endure simply from your home water supply. It is also effective on the common copper-related green tinge. The best part is you can apply it to your hair before entering the pool.

If you're looking for a post-pool product to repair any damage incurred by your summertime fun, check out Jason Products' shampoo that has been formulated specifically for swimmers. Advertising promotes this Swimmers & Sports Hair & Scalp Rejuvenating Shampoo as having the ability to remove chemicals and environmental deposits from your hair without stripping the cuticle and causing damage.

Natural Anti-Green Methods

Since the green-tint in your hair is due to copper and chemical oxidation, it follows that anti-oxidants should play a decent role in restoring the color of your hair. Some people employ tomato juice to remove the green color from blonde hair. This natural method is said to keep the hair shiny and manageable as well. Lemon juice contains large amounts of citric acid that can act upon oxidizing heavy metals in the same way as tomato juice. Baking soda has long been acclaimed for its versatility in removing unwanted stains. It can be added to your shampoo. With all these natural home remedies, be sure to leave them on your hair for at least 15 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual.

Once again, if your blonde hair is highlighted or color treated in anyway, be sure to condition immensely after adding acidic products to your hair. Some people recommend apple-cider vinegar as a post-pool clarifying agent; however vinegar is so caustic it should not be used on chemically processed hair.

A beautiful blonde hair style can be tragically ruined by too much exposure to chemicals that can turn even the sunniest locks green, but with care - both preventative and post-exposure - a green tint won't put a damper on your bright highlights.

Solutions for Highlighted Blonde Hair that Is Turning Green