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Hints and Tips for Amazing Hair: An Interview

Jodie Michalak
Image of Judie Tallman, expert hair stylist
Judie Tallman

The following hints and tips for amazing hair from talented stylist Judie Tallman are sure to help you manage your hair while working this season's hottest styles. Whether you opt for a short tapered up bob or long for the latest and greatest trendy hair styles one thing is for sure: amazing hair can be had with the proper balance of products and the right tools for the job.

About Judie Tallman

Judie Tallman began her successful career as a hair stylist in Chicago, working in a few of the hottest and trendiest salons in the area before packing up, heading west, and entering the exciting fast paced world of the entertainment industry. Judie soon became a coveted stylist working on photo shoots and music videos for artists such as Liz Phair, Ozzy Osbourne, Richard Marx and Sebastian Bach.

Currently, Judie resides in Hollywood, California where her in demand hair creativity can be seen on Greenburg Families, a new show airing on TLC on Fridays.

With her extensive background in film, commercials, and video shoot styling, Judie Tallman has a bag full of hints and tips for amazing hair for every day of the week. Say goodbye to bad hair days, and welcome a style that turns heads!

With your background in film and fashion, could you share some onscreen hints and tips for amazing hair?

Basically, right now the look is soft but defined waves. It is actually quite simple to do, it just takes a while depending on how thick your hair is. Take the hair in 1 1/2 inch sections and wind counterclockwise on the barrel of a very hot, medium-size iron. Finish by separating with fingers, not a brush, and light hair spray like MOP c-system with zero environmental impact aerosol.

How do you recommend adding volume and height to the hair?

Stretch dry very damp hair saturated with bodifying product like Sebastian's Body Double Mousse, Osis Grip Style mousse by Schwarzkopf, any of the products in the Redken Body Full line. That's where you take the hair and blow dry it with your fingers straight out from the head and aim the drier at the roots on high heat. You never over dry the hair and once it is almost dry, use a paddle brush and use long strokes to continue the drying process. If you need to back comb the roots, that's ok, just don't go Peg Bundy on the crown.

How do you recommend treating conditions such as oily hair with dry ends?

By using a professional product from a salon brand like Joico, Matrix, MOP, Redken, Rusk. They make treatment shampoos and conditioners that work together.

Young woman with amazing blonde hair
Your hair can be amazing.

If a client is looking for a hair style rather than just a hair cut, is drastic the best route?

You can make it drastic by getting rid of length or simply by cutting bangs. Make sure you discuss with your hairdresser what you are willing to do styling wise. Don't get a high maintenance do if it's going to add time on to your already busy morning.

What's your favorite blow dryer and brush?

I use Solano blow dryer and brushes from Aveda. They make such nice paddle brushes. You can get reasonable brushes at Sally's, too. I love the Mason Pearson line, but who wants to spend $90 on a brush.

Are straightening irons here to stay?

For sure. The technology just keeps getting better and irons now keep the hair moist as well as smooth.

What's the difference between professional and drugstore products?

I would have to say ingredients. They have a lot of preservatives in drugstore brands.

Name one styling tool you personally could not live without?

My Hikari shears.

Any hints and tips for amazing hair for the gal who loves to sport a ponytail?

There's so many cute things you can do to a ponytail. Fix your bangs either to the side and flat and high like a 50s teenybopper, or go up with the front hairline and make a faux hawk. Add a piece of hair that you can get at Sally's or mall kiosks to make a bigger longer ponytail. Just no visible scrunchies, please!

Name one hairstyle you consider timeless.

Can I name two? Long layers like Farrah or Jennifer and the graduated bob like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with our readers!

You are most welcome. Please visit my website at Judie Hair and Makeup for contact information and photo gallery.

Hints and Tips for Amazing Hair: An Interview