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It's fun to dress up and celebrate with friends, family and co-workers and it's even more fun to celebrate a holiday event with a perfect hair style. For holiday parties, a good number of women spend many hours and many dollars in a hair salon getting a special style for an evening event. While this is completely acceptable for a special night out, remember that many fantastic holiday hair styles can also be easily accomplished at home.

Updos Are Elegant

One of the most popular hair styles worn during the holiday season for parties, dinners, or New Year's Eve are updos. Women with both short and long hair can wear updos, and a professional hair stylist can add them. Many times, updos can also be added to the hair by anybody who has a minimal amount of time and patience.

Long, swept up hairstyle

If your hair is medium to long, wearing your hair up and away from your face is the best option for a style that still looks chic after a night of partying. If you want a conservative style, opt for a classic French Twist or chignon. If you want something youthful and playful, opt for pigtails, ponytails or half-up styles with lots of volume. For a more bohemian style, consider wearing low side braids or ponytails. Clip-in tinsel can be a great way to add some glimmer to your long style. Make sure no matter the updo, you use enough hair spray to keep locks in place. In addition, throw a few hairpins in your evening bag in the event of a hair emergency

Dressy Braids

The concept of braided hair is often regarded as very casual looking. However, it is currently very stylish to wear braided hair, and if the hair is braided in specific ways, the style can look beautiful with a festive holiday outfit. French braids are a very popular choice for holiday events. They can be dressed up by weaving a strand of sparkly ribbon through the braid or adding tiny rhinestone clips or barrettes on the sides of the head.

It's becoming common to see a French braid that is put in the hair in a diagonal manner, with the braid starting on the top of the head on one side, and flowing down to the opposite side near the neck. Sometimes, the ends of the hair are also tucked up and pinned under the braid, which provides a more finished look.

New Year's Eve Hair

Ringlets with rhinestone pin

Whether hair is long or short, you can create ringlets for a sassy and glamorous style. If you have natural waves, be sure to work a curl enhancer through damp hair and allow it to air dry. If you need help creating shape, twist tendrils around your fingers to create the curl. If you're working with a curling iron, spiral curl medium width sections around the iron barrel and let the curls tousle naturally. To enhance your curls with a punch of sheen, opt for wearing a few gilded bobby pins or a sequined tiara. This carefree style works for nearly every gown and is always festive, so if you have the natural curls, by all means embrace them!

Holiday Hair Tips

  • Ideas can be generated by looking at various fashion or hair-related magazines. Most of the models who are featured in popular magazines are wearing either very trendy or very elegant hair styles. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson often wear their hair in ways that can be replicated - which is often perfect for a special occasion such as a holiday party.
  • Anybody who is going to be preparing a holiday meal for a large group will probably be working in the kitchen all day. If there will only be a short period of time between cooking and guests arriving, it's may be wise to fashion the hair in an updo or another style that will stay out of the way while preparing food.
  • If attending a New Year's eve party or holiday event will require a long drive in the car, remember to consider this when choosing a hair style. A style that travels well will look better after a car ride.
  • In climates where the weather might be damp, raining, or snowing on the day of a holiday event, make sure choose a style that will not be ruined if it gets the slightest bit wet.
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Holiday Hair Styles