Homecoming Updos

Indulge in fairy tale tresses.

Come late September and early October, beauty salons bustle with young teens as they anxiously book their homecoming updos. Finding the perfect hairstyles and dresses are all part of the excitement that many girls experience as the formal dance arrives.

Types of Homecoming Updos

Every year, the school dance floor beams with gorgeous young ladies dressed in their finest, flaunting their formal homecoming updos and elaborate gowns. Whether the style is trendy or classic, homecoming updos add a touch of elegance and opulence that are necessary to both look, and feel your best on this special occasion.


For the ladies indulging in fairy tale gowns, princess homecoming updos are a must have. To achieve the right balance of prim and proper, roll that hair in jumbo rollers and set it at least two hours before styling. Make sure hair is held in place with a firm hold hairspray. Homecoming updos for the princess look can be elegant or romantic. Tousle your curls into a low nape hugging bun. Bustle your jumbo set locks into a thick knot on the top of your head, or resort to the fabulous and glamorous shoulder gracing waves that fall and sweep gently on your collarbone. For added feminine appeal, add a fresh flower to your hair.

Vintage Gamine

For the classic and timeless beauty who nods her head at vintage pin ups, a vintage gamine style may be right up the alley. Timeless designs such as pin curls and finger waves add a dimension and design to these original homecoming updos. When paired with wrap dresses, tiered minis or lace sheaths, the vintage gamine style is elegant and fabulously feminine. Don a pair of platform maryjanes with your retro coif for a style that is playful and pixie inspired.

Half Updos

Half updos, also known as partial updos, are a wonderful look for many types of hair. A cross between a full updo and wearing hair down, the half updo uses the top portion of the hair in a twist, bun, or for instant glamour, worn high up on the head and exploding with curls. Partial updos also look beautiful with wavy hair, and gals with shoerter hair cna pull off this look as well

Braided Updos

Braided updos have a romantic feel, and are an echo of medieval style. Perfect with pastels or a soft empire waist gown, braids can bur worn in twists, buns, or if your hair is long enough, wrapped around the head for a look that any medieval princess would envy.

Knot Updos

Another type of updo for homecoming is the knotted updo. These can be worn either in a sleek, sophisticated knot with an elegant gown, or in a messy knot for a more playful look (great with a quirky or whimsicial dress). For an funky-chic look, small multiple knots twisted around the head can be an adorable and memorable style.

Updo Alternatives

Short and Sweet

For gals wearing short hair, there are several ways to dress up the style without the need of homecoming updos. Pair your pixie cut with fresh flora or adorned barrettes for added sparkle and glitz. Add a few streaks of blonde to your cut to add some color that makes an impact on the dance floor. Highlight your style with glitter spray for a sexy shimmer that sparkles in the moonlight.

Sassy and Stylish

Not every homecoming queen digs homecoming updos. Some gals like to experiment with trendy looks and break the fashion rules. If you walk to the beat of a different drum, make your statement well known on the dance floor with a unique and stylish do. Invest in a straightening iron for a flat out fabulous style, or flaunt some exciting waves with a jumbo curling iron and texturizing spray. Check out fashion magazines for the latest hair trends and updo inspirations. Keep accessorizes minimal and add a trendy nail color to the mix to keep your look fashionable and chic.

Throw a Beauty Party

While many gals hit the beauty salon for professionally styled updos, it's just as fun to hang with the girls at a pre-party get together.

Gather up your friends and set up shop in the largest bathroom between the group. Arrive early and bring all your goodies, including hair irons, rollers, bobby pins, blow dryer, rubber bands, flowers, hairspray, and shimmer spray.

To ease pre-dance jitters, conduct a hair trial run one week before the big night.

Pack your jammies, and spend the night trying on your gowns, flipping through hair style magazines, and indulging in pampering manicure and pedicures.

At home beauty parties are the perfect way to bond with your friends while creating precious memories.

Getting Ready

When the glowing night arrives, allow as much time as possible to pamper and prepare your makeup and hair. To keep tresses looking their best, deep condition your hair the night before the dance. Day old hair works best for updos, so resist the urge to shampoo the day of.

Whether you set your locks or flatten them out, a firm hold hairspray will see your look through dinner pictures, and a blissful night of dancing.

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