Pictures of Hot Hair Styles for Guys

Thin Fringe

There are many hot hair styles for guys to choose from, no matter what their hair color, texture, or length. Well groomed hair is always sexy, and a simple hair cut with an edgy thin fringe of bangs is a fantastic look to try. The bangs help accent the eyes and give the style a carefree edge.

Long and Slick

Guys with longer hair can tame their locks in a sexy way by using hair gel or mousse to slick their hair straight back. This is a good way to disguise thinning hair at the crown while giving the illusion of rich fullness.

Curly Cute

Guys with curly hair can give their style a bold touch of daring by letting it grow a little longer, then using hair gel to define their curls. Leave a few curls dashing over the forehead for a roguish appearance that shows your playful side.

Simple Shag

Shag hair styles are popular with guys, and a style that has a lot of razored layers has instant texture and appeal. Use a short part on the side of the head and sweep the hair across for a bolder yet still defined look.


Guys with very long hair can be dashingly sexy in ponytails. Slick the hair straight back and tie the low ponytail at the base of the skull using a discreet elastic. For more style, curl the ponytail or let your naturally curly texture come through at the ends.

Bed Head

Bed head styles are deliberately messy and give any guy a touch of carefree glamour. This style is best with a short, layered shag hair cut that will show off the texture, but the hair shouldn't be too long or it will look too unkempt.

Short Spikes

Give your style lift with a bit of hair gel run through short, wavy hair and finger combed for soft spikes. The more product you use, the harder and more defined the spikes will be, so keep the use minimal for a gently sexy look.

Edgy Cool

A hot edgy look for teen guys is to wear hair longer in a messy shag, then to have bangs brushing the eyes for a slight emo look. This is an easy style to create and because the hair is longer, it can be restyled in other ways just as easily.

Partial Buzz

A very short buzz cut can be sexy, particularly on a guy who enjoys a lot of physical activities and sports. For a more unique look that still has that short flair, keep the sides and back of the hair buzzed but leave the top a bit longer to show off its natural curl and wave.

Buzz Cut

A very short buzz cut is a hot hair style for African American men. This is also an easy care style perfect for any guy on the go, but it is important that the edges of the hair are kept neat and even or it will look sloppy and unappealing.

Wavy Hair

The classic business hair cut does not have to be short, and guys can grow their locks a bit longer to take advantage of natural waves for parted bangs and volume. This helps disguise thinning hair and a receding hairline without losing the sexy edge of longer hair.

Vintage Styles

Vintage styles, such as a 1950s bouffant, are just as attractive for men as they can be for women. For the male version of this style, the hair at the front should be longer and styled to curve up and away from the forehead. Sideburns should be thin or nonexistent to keep this look modern, and a well groomed beard and moustache help offset the hair's volume.


Well groomed dreadlocks can be a hot hair style for guys. The dreads should be carefully maintained, and they can be left loose around the head or pulled back in a ponytail. Medium width dreads are the best option for versatility.

Long Waves

Guys with naturally wavy hair can easily let their hair grow longer so those waves shine through. A center part helps elongate the face and gives the hair more volume.

Hair Color

If you like your hair style but want to make it even hotter, add some hair color. Hair highlights can give any guy a sun-kissed look reminiscent of the beach and carefree days on the sand.

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Pictures of Hot Hair Styles for Guys