Hot New Hair Styles: Interview with Jim Wayne

Beverly Hills hair stylist Jim Wayne
Beverly Hills stylist Jim Wayne shares his knowledge.

Hot New Hair Styles: An Interview with Jim Wayne

With summer just around the corner, we went on a search for hot new hair styles and trends and looked no further than the prestigious Jim Wayne Salon located in Beverly Hills, California. Coiffing the likes of Heidi Klum, Mischa Barton, Jonathan Knight, and Keyshia Cole, Jim Wayne was indeed the stylist we wanted to speak to about hair, beauty and celebrity style.

About Jim Wayne

Jim Wayne began cutting hair as a teenager. His unique talent led him to the Vidal Sassoon Academy in San Francisco for special training. Jim Wayne then transferred to the coveted Los Angeles location of the Vidal Sassoon Academy where he apprenticed under some of the nation's top stylists. Wayne's flair for business eventually led him to a position where he ran Vidal Sassoon schools across America, overseeing the staffing, directing, and curriculum of the Academy.

After fourteen years of contributing his artistic vision and business savvy, Wayne decided it was time to set up his own shop. Today, the Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills is an environment filled with highly trained stylists who represent the Sassoon technique at its absolute finest.

The Scoop on Color and Cuts

Woman getting blonde hair extensions
Blonde extentions are a summer trend!

LTK: Why don't you tell us a bit about your salon and how you became one of Beverly Hills' most talented hairdressers?

JW: The Jim Wayne Salon is committed to helping clients achieve the perfect look. Our technicians are fully trained to take on all kinds of hair and make-up needs. Good training, timing, guts, and a bit of stupidity, depending on the day of the week, has helped me get to where I am today.

LTK: What are some of the hot new hair styles and trends for spring/summer 2008?

JW: Extensions for hair is what's in now. Hair is going to say long, long, long throughout this season. Long hair is great right now. For someone who's looking for a little more length, there are several options in extensions including singles, tape-ons and for eyelashes.

LTK: What are you seeing as a major color trend this season?

JW: I can't stress this enough, but it's all about the blondes. It doesn't matter what age group you're in, blonde is in. All shades of blonde hair go with the current and upcoming fashion trends. Fashion is introducing a lot of primary colors. Since fashion dictates hair and blonde goes perfect with primary colors, blondes aren't going away anytime soon. The reds and the auburn colors we've been seeing in hair are fading away.

Hair Accessories and Appliances

Woman accessorizing hair with a headband
Wear a headband on your forehead for a hot new look.

LTK: Could you name a few of your favorite must have hair accessories?

JW: Ellis bands are making a big comeback. Any kind of bands, including thin bands, are going to continue to stay big. It's very reminiscent of the look in the 1960s. Scarves on foreheads are very popular now, too. Another trend that just doesn't seem to go away are pigtails.

LTK: What type of hair appliances are truly worth the splurge?

JW: Absolutely no, no, no on the ionic. It destroys the hair and frankly, they break down easily and no one is able to fix them. I highly recommend Hai Stik. They make the best straightening irons. As for blow dryers, I would recommend Elchim. They are always going to be a mainstay because they don't break down. Stylists use this brand; I don't see why the clients shouldn't.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

LTK: Are celebrities receiving round the clock styling help, or do they use special appliances or products to keep their hot new hair styles camera ready?

JW: Style selection for each person is the absolute key to looking fabulous. If you look now, everyone's hair is long and it's the extensions doing most of the work.

LTK: What hot new hair styles can be worn with little styling effort?

JW: Long hair is easiest when it is relaxed, and extensions add so much volume that there's not a lot of work that needs to be done. Extensions are now more affordable than ever and are available up to 24-inches.

LTK: Name one hair trend that you would recommend one never try?

JW: Short bangs are the most hideous looking thing of all time. I won't do the short baby bangs for any of my clients. They'll get them done somewhere else and come back to me in a few days asking me, "Why did you let me do this!?"

A Few Secret Tips

Image of a woman with braided hair style
Ponytails and braids are quick summer styling options.

LTK: Are there any subtle changes you could recommend that would put the scissor-wary gal right on trend this season?

JW: Since long hair is in and going to stay, we can't change the length very much right now. We have to play with the bangs. You can create pieces of interest around the bangs that draw attention to the eyes. You can also vary the length around the face a little bit.

LTK: Name one beauty or hair product no girl should live without.

JW: I can't recommend just one, but I can narrow it down to two. In terms of styling, Surf Spray is great because we're getting into such long hair and we need the volume. And because we're using so much more product in our hair in general, we need to have the best conditioning. Veggie Miracle by Davines works wonders.

LTK: Thank you so much for taking time out of you star-studded day to speak with us and share your talent and expertise!

JW: No problem!

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Hot New Hair Styles: Interview with Jim Wayne