How Did the Girls Wear Their Hair in the 1960s

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If you're trying to channel your inner flowerchild, you may be wondering, how did the girls wear their hair in the 1960s?

How Did the Girls Wear Their Hair in the 1960s: Answered

From loose braids to beehives to headbands, the 1960s had it all. Whether you want to wear a big bouffant or a hippie child sleek and straight look, both styles are reminiscent of the 1960s. Think flowerchild or Diana Ross and the Supremes, and you'll have a good idea how to answer the infamous question, how did the girls wear their hair in the 1960s? Here's a look back at some of the styles that reigned this beloved bygone era.

Popular 1960s Styles

If you're wondering if you can really wear your hair like the women did in the 1960s, wonder no more. Wigs and hairpieces can answer all of your hair challenges and problems. Hairpieces were actually very popular in the 60s. Women relied on clip in extensions and wigs to change their styles at the drop of a hat. To add volume to a modern day beehive, work in a crown piece or tuft. If you want a head full of 1960s platinum hair without the maintenance, why not do what many women did and opt for a wig? Your choices of style are endless when you consider the world of faux hair.

The Bubble and Beehive

Most women have wondered how to rock a beehive. In today's world of current hair trends, beehive and bouffant styles may never be resurrected, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun and indulge in this retro style. Wigs in beehive shapes are readily available, or you can get creative and design a beehive or bouffant yourself by setting hair in jumbo rollers and teasing the style till locks are sky high. Pin the hair in a classic beehive shape, and you have a modern look that's sure to turn heads. You can also opt for a sleeker, more toned-down version of the beehive for a modern look.

Straight and Sleek

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Headbands and beaded accessories are back in style, perfect for the bohemian gal who wants to sport a 1960s sleek look. You need not rely on much styling to create a 60s look. A flat iron and long layers are all you need to go back in time. Perfect for summer festivals and beachy hairstyles, sleek 60s cuts will never be out of vogue. If you want to sport a classic 60s long cut, make sure hair is kept in tip top shape. Healthy hair is more important than length. If you have damaged your locks from constant chemical abuse, you'll want to trim ends and clean up your tresses before wearing hair long and sleek. If you're impatient, opt for long extensions instead.

Glamour Gals

Although the 1960s saw the death of on screen starlet Marilyn Monroe, her glamour-inspired coif lives on. Vintage hairstyles continue to be in demand, whether that means a Rockabilly inspired Betty Paige or a roller set pin up girl look. With the addition of a silk hair flower, you can channel your glamorous side and re-create some of the 1960s feminine and flirty styles with roller sets and pincurls.

Rekindle the Looks

Not only was fashion the rage in the 1960s, hair styles were in demand too. If you want to rekindle some of the 1960s love, you've got plenty of design ideas to choose from. If you've got natural waves, you can rock them too. Waves and curls were carefree and loose with less structure and shape. The 1960s was a fantastic era for hair. Take a step back in time and wear some of these infamous retro looks. The freespirited styles of the 1960s makes them continually worth revisiting whether you're a flowerchild or glamour gal at heart.

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How Did the Girls Wear Their Hair in the 1960s