How to Do My Hair Like Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Are you wondering, "how to do my hair like Miley Cyrus?" Before you set off to capture this teen icon's image, you'll first need to determine which Miley you want to emulate: onscreen teen sensation Hannah Montana or the lucky teenager cast to play her dominant role, Miley Cyrus?

Whether you're hoping to copy a bit of her Disney chic rocker charm or her red carpet looks, the following hair tips and style ideas will help you channel this teen sensation and all of her changing styles.

How to Do My Hair Like Miley Cyrus Ideas

Miley Cyrus, better known for her role as the Disney channel's Hannah Montana, has quite a bit for young girl to covet. She has a dreamy lifestyle filled with cool clothes, lots of friends, and worldwide fame. She keeps herself in the style spotlight setting trends that are easy to duplicate. With the right accessories and a bubbly personality, stealing a bit of this star's limelight is easy!

Hannah Montana's Look

Hannah Montana has a traditional teenage rocker look, much like real life rocker Avril Lavine. Her hair is long, straight, and accented with chunky hair highlights and lowlights that add a hipness to otherwise plain dark blonde hair. On stage, Hannah plays with chunks of vibrant colors, which can be copied at home with her unique line of clip in hair accessories found nationwide at Claire's Boutique.

Another secret to Hannah's look? Hannah Montana wears an edgy full bang, adding a certain toughness and rocker girl glam to her look. Bangs are in style, so make the snip and play around with accessories to copy Hannah's look.

Miley's Look

Miley is always in the style spotlight, especially when it comes to her ever changing hairstyles. Here's a look at a few of Miley's favorite hair trends.

Long Layers

Miley Cyrus has a traditional long layered hair style. Long hair is a great fit for teens because it is versatile yet has many styling options. Whether it is blown straight or volumized with curl and wave, Miley has versatile, textured hair. A natural or a chemical body wave will help duplicate this look. If you've got some natural curl, don't be afraid to work it and add some definition to those layers with hot rollers.


Hannah is a natural brunette, but she's not color shy. She's changed her hair color many times and has consistently found a color that flatters her skin tone, no matter the shade. Miley is best known for her brunette hair that is highlighted with warm, honey hued locks. To get this look, ask a professional hair stylist to weave in a few highlights, and tone them with a warm caramel color. Maintenance for Miley's color can be expensive, so spread out salon visits with a color enhancing shampoo.

Straight or Wavy

Depending on your mood or the occasion, feel free to change the shape of your style just like Miley. Straight hair is easy to duplicate at home with the use of a straightening iron, just follow these tips for a sleek style:

  • Apply a smoothing serum from scalp to ends on towel dried hair.
  • Blow dry hair thoroughly using your fingers or a paddle brush. Avoid a round brush, which will only add unwanted volume to the style.
  • Section hair with clippies.
  • Using a straightening iron, iron hair from scalp to ends, clamping tight on the iron.
  • Repeat until all of your hair is straight.
  • Finish with a mist of hair spray.

To enhance waves or create a style full of body and volume, follow these tips:

  • Towel dry hair and apply a volumizer at the roots and crown
  • Blow dry hair until it is 75 percent dry
  • Section hair with clippies
  • Continue blow drying hair with a round brush
  • Once hair is dry, set style with jumbo hot rollers
  • Leave hot rollers in for 20 minutes
  • Spray with hair spray
  • Remove rollers, finger through style
  • Finish with another shot of hairspray

Now, armed with a wealth of ideas, the next time you find yourself wondering, "how to do my hair like Miley Cyrus?", you'll be able to create an official Miley look while experimenting with fun accessories and a variety of texture for your own rock star 'do.

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