How to Protect Hair in Winter

Young woman in the snow in winter

When temperatures drop, most women wonder how to protect hair in winter. Short days and long nights leave plenty of time for at-home pampering. With a few specialty hair products geared to repair and add moisture to your locks, you can escape dry, static-infused winter hair while looking great in your favorite pair of boots!

About Paul Labrecque

Paul Labrecque

Rather than surrender good hair days to Old Man Winter, we sought styling and protection tips straight from the snowy streets of New York City. Paul Labrecque has been recognized by Vanity Fair as one of the country's top stylists, and he continues to be an in-demand stylist amongst socialites and celebrities including Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Tyra Banks, Kelly Ripka, Anne Hathaway, and Reese Witherspoon, for good reason. With three award-winning New York city salon & spas, a thriving retail line of fabulous hair cures and remedies, and three private gentleman's salons, Paul was the first candidate that came to mind when our parched winter hair needed professional help!

Whether you're kicking snow off your boots at the top of the Colorado mountains or lounging deckside in the Hollywood Hills, these tips will perk up the season and ensure your locks win the fight against frizz, snow, sleet, and dry heat.

How To Fight Mother Nature

Most women are at odds with Mother Nature to keep their hair beautiful in every season. Simply follow Paul's tips and product recommendations for hair that defies all odds this winter.

Battling the Elements

Hair that starts out healthy when you leave the house will always win the fight against Mother Nature!

  • Massage hair with a hydrating shampoo like Paul Labrecque Daily Shampoo. Follow up with Paul Labrecque Daily Conditioner. The moisturizing effects of the sweet tea and dead sea mud in these products will help protect your hair during the winter.
  • Always use a leave in (such as Paul Labrecque Repair Style) aloe vera enriched cream. This fills the cuticles, making the hair less susceptible to damage.
  • Air dry or blow dry hair using a grooming control cream. Round boar bristle brushes should be used when blow drying hair. Each stroke releases the hair's natural sebum oil to condition and polish, promoting stronger, softer, hair full of radiant anti-static shine. Plastic or nylon brushes can cause breakage and increase damage.
  • Never go outside with wet hair. Your locks can freeze, which leads to breaking. Ouch!

Beat Flyaways and Static

Is your hair gone with the wind come winter? No need to grab the dryer sheets, you can tame flyaways with Paul's tips. Cold air outside plus dry heat inside is not a favorable equation for your locks.

  • Having a humidifier in the home will help hydrate your skin and hair as you sleep. Minimal effort for fabulous results!
  • Get rid of nylon and plastic bristle brushes that intensify static.
  • After hair is dried, spray a soft finishing spray (such as Paul Labrecque Straight Finish) into a boar bristle flat brush and brush through to evenly distribute. This will keep static at bay, without weighing hair down.
  • Shine on: Condition, Condition, Condition! Pre, post, and leave in condition is the key to making dry, brittle hair look healthy and shiny.
  • Paul Labrecque Repair Condition Treatment with lemongrass is the perfect tool to add to your regimen once weekly. This intensive conditioning treatment is formulated to strengthen and restore hair's natural luster and vitality. Simply massage into the scalp and hair to invigorate the natural oil flow and let sit with a shower cap for 30 minutes

How to Protect Hair in Winter and Look Great

Woman wearing hat

Yes, you can sport a beanie everyday if the weather permits, but hat hair does not make a chic style statement! Paul's motto for looking good?

"Don't Compromise Style! You can still have fun with your hair, really!"

  • A chignon or soft, low pony keeps hair looking stylish and are less likely to get ruined by the wind.
  • Using a finishing spray like Paul Labrecque Straight Finish will help keep these updos in place with soft, touchable hold.
  • Ear muffs keep you warm, without messing with your tresses. If you would rather sport a hat, make sure it fits and that it is cleaned regularly.

No matter what climate you live in, winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair. With these easy care tips, your hair can be gorgeous even in the coldest season!

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