Human Hair Wigs

Wigs can be made from real or artificial hair.

Human hair wigs represent a more luxurious option for wig buyers. Wigs can be crafted with either synthetic hair or human hair types, but the latter tend to look the most natural. However, choosing human hair over the synthetic variety is only one of many choices you will make when selecting or customizing a wig.

Types of Human Hair Wigs

There are still many choices to be made. A wig maker can create a human hair wig using different types of hair that vary in processing or ethnicity.

Many wigs are made with hair that is derived from Eastern countries. Indian and Asian hair are commonly used for wig making. This hair can be cut, colored and styled into a variety of different wig types; however, the thicker feel of such hair types does not always appear natural on Caucasian ethnicities. European hair is often finer in texture, and, because it is more difficult to work with and obtain, it is the more expensive option.

Individuals who are seeking wigs that most closely mimic their own hair type will need to assess whether Eastern or European hair is the more appropriate option.

There also remains the choice between virgin hair and processed hair. The term "virgin hair" implies that the hair has never been colored or exposed to processing.  Because its cuticle remains unmarred, virgin hair holds up against environmental damage better than its processed counterpart. A human hair wig made with virgin hair will last longer when colored or exposed to heat styling. It is by far the more luxurious option and also the most expensive.

Achieving a Natural Look

Human hair is the more natural option, but the type of wig cap you choose will also have a large influence over your wig's ability to deceive. Full or front lace wig caps that are hand sewn and custom fitted will eliminate bunches and heavy hair lines. These wigs are often very expensive, but they most closely parallel the hair's natural movement and placement. Many of these wigs are used on Hollywood sets and applied by professionals to achieve a look that is almost indistinguishable from natural hair.

Where to Buy

When you are looking to purchase wigs made with human hair, you ideally want to be working with a wig manufacturer so that you can have some say in the customization process. Wigs that are improperly fitted or styled inadequately for your face shape will rarely look natural, regardless of their hair type.

Some online sites worth taking a look at::

  • i Wig produces wigs with all hair types. Many styles are available in virgin hair, and caps can be custom fitted for a minimal charge. iWig also allows for a fully customized wig option, including caps and hair types.
  • Human Hair Wigs offers a wide variety of brands and wig styles, all produced with human hair. Customization options are very limited, however, and buying off the rack is best left to experienced wig-wearers.
  • Paula Young is another trusted name in wig servicing. This retailer offers many different styles and brands for competitive prices. Again, customization is very limited.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic

When compared to synthetic wigs, human hair wigs are usually the more convincing of the two. The cheapest synthetic wigs will appear shiny and almost plastic in appearance. High quality synthetic wigs may be more deceptive at first glance, but synthetic hair never moves quite as naturally as the real thing. It cannot be heat styled or colored, and so clients must purchase many different synthetic hair wigs in order to vary their styles and hair colors.

Heat is also an issue with synthetic hair. Over time, environmental elements, even sunlight, will take their toll on a synthetic wig. Snarls, tangles, and changes in the synthetic hair texture will make a wig practically untenable over time. This is not always the case, however. The durability of your wig will always depend on the care it receives. A synthetic wig that is given highly attentive care can last a long time, even years. Though those types made with human hair are generally touted as the longer-wearing variety, poor care for any wig can significantly cut down its longevity.

Human-hair varieties are wonderful in that they mimic the natural movement and properties of your own hair. They can be styled, colored, and cut to fit your every whim. Unlike synthetic wigs which pose a real challenge to stove and oven heat, they will react to environmental pressures as would the hair you either have or once had.

Unfortunately, they are considerably more expensive than the nylon/synthetic variety. Individuals who are on a budget or replace wigs frequently may not be able to afford the several hundred dollar price disparity.

First Time Wearers

Shopping for wigs online is a gamble for first time wig users. Some styles may be too heavy for your face shape, or the overall fit of the cap may be poor. Finding a local wig supplier that will fit you for your first wig can make future purchases simpler. Working closely with a company such as iWig that allows for large-scale customizations can also serve to help you find a style that is most compatible with your needs.

Many wigs cost several hundreds of dollars, so it is best to make decisions carefully. Wigs must often be replaced due to damage or long term use. Establishing a relationship with a wig maker or trusted retailer will help to render your future purchases faster and fuss-free.

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