Interview: Choosing a Wig

Jessica Simpson with Carliz Sotelo Teague of has been one of the internet's leading suppliers of wigs and hair extensions for more than a decade. LoveToKnow Hair was privileged to chat with Carliz Sotelo Teague, president and CEO of, about the industry and how a new customer can choose the best wig to fit their needs.

The Interview

Why did you get started in the wig and hairpiece industry?

There was a market for it. It's a niche product that isn't accessible to most people, and predominantly people buy it for need. Wig stores aren't easy to find and the quality varies greatly. It is an intimate purchase product, and online is the perfect place to do it. The whole concept of is for a boutique offering that just hasn't been available.

Approximately how many wigs does sell each year?

About 45,000-50,000. The market just blows me away, how many people buy hair.

What styles of wigs are most popular?

Anywhere from long to short is popular, but right now long hair is just in so long wig styles are in.

What is the most important consideration a customer should make when purchasing a wig?


Go with what you know. You want to feel comfortable first, then you can go a little more daring. At least a familiar style looks a little bit like you. My biggest advice for anyone is to have fun with it.

What is the biggest fear new customers have about wigs, and how can they overcome that fear?

That it will look fake and that it will look embarrassing. If you still have hair, choose a color close to your hair to integrate the wig and blend away the line between hair and wig. Also, don't skimp. In wigs, to some degree, you get what you pay for. Staying familiar can also alleviate the shock factor.

What different factors should an individual consider when choosing a wig?

Choosing between synthetic or human hair, their face shape, the wig style and color. Human hair wigs have to be styled, but for some women that gives them that feeling of normalcy.

How long can it take to choose a wig?

If you know what you're looking for, the hardest part is getting the right color and picking the right piece for you from several choices. Ideally, we want to do it right the first time, and we have ways to help you make the right choice for you.

What price range is there for different styles of wigs?

Wigs can cost from about $50 to thousands of dollars. Synthetic hair is anywhere from $50-300, while human hair is usually $300 and above. It doesn't matter how much money you have, you can find something.

How visible or noticeable are wigs?


Even the synthetic hair looks completely naturally. Your biggest tip off is when the hair is perfectly healthy and beautifully styled, because so few people have perfect hair naturally. You only think wigs don't look real because it doesn't look familiar to you.

What is the most rewarding part of being involved in the wig industry?

Truthfully, the most rewarding part is to see it become so widely accepted. It's great to see celebrities talk about extensions and such. Knowing wigs are acceptable really has a huge affect on your confidence level. Hair is now an acceptable accessory. It's not a bad thing anymore, everybody's doing it!

Thank You, Carliz Sotelo Teague!

LoveToKnow Hair would like to thank Carliz for taking the time to share this insight into the wig industry. For more information about how to choose the best wig for you or to browse's selection of thousands of styles, colors, and lengths, visit today.

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Interview: Choosing a Wig