Invisible Braids

Look closely at the roots to see invisible braids.

Invisible braids are braids that are so thin that the tiny braids almost appear to be strands of hair rather than braids. They are smaller than micro braids. They can be seen, but if done well, they are difficult to see unless a person examines the hair closely. The hair is braided about an inch and left free on the ends. It can take five hours or more to have hair braided into the braids. The client's natural hair is combined with human braiding hair in the best invisible braid styles.

This style works best with short hair. Because most of the natural hair is left free, people with long hair may have breakage. Furthermore, the texture of the person's hair should mesh in well with the store bought human hair. It is not necessary to get a relaxer prior to getting this style because the style's neatness is due to the braider's skill in parting, braiding the hair, and mixing the person's natural hair with the store bought hair.

How to Find Someone Who Can Create Invisible Braids

Because of the length of time it takes to complete this style, it is expensive to have it completed in a salon. Expect to pay several hundred dollars to obtain this style in a salon. Major cities usually have a few salons that specialize in natural hair care and braids. These centers are located within the cities or sometimes in the suburbs. Look for natural hair salons in the phone book.

Braiders who do not work in salons typically charge less to complete the style. Often skilled braiders braid hair in their homes. It is not recommended, however, to use the services of an inexperienced braider for invisible braids. Look for contact information regarding experienced braiders in beauty supply shops where braiding hair, wigs, and weaving hair are sold. Sometimes braiders leave business cards in these shops, and good braiders could always be found through word-of-mouth. Ask people with braids for referrals.

How to Buy Braiding Hair

Some people choose human hair with two different colors that complement each other to create streaks. Bronze with lighter golden streaks is a good look for the spring and summer. How about having a carefree style? Choose wet and wavy hair. This hair curls or waves when it becomes wet. Therefore, the loose ends of the hair require little maintenance.

If straight hair is a must, consider a shoulder length style that will be easy to manage. Inquire about hair that is not easy to mat or tangle. Most stylists require clients to bring their own hair, so ask the stylist for the number of bags that should be purchased . Depending on the quality of the hair, a bag of human hair can cost $25 and up. Better brands can cost $50 and up for a package of hair. There are different textures available for braiding hair, so make sure that the desired textured is purchased. Some textures may appear to be too bulky for the style you want.

How to Care for and Remove the Braids

Only wash the hair every two weeks, because washing too often will reduce the longevity of the style. Moisturize the hair as needed with coconut oil (a great moisturizer for black hair). Use a spritz bottle with melted coconut oil to spritz the hair daily to avoid flakes. Use shampoos with no residue since heavy buildup from shampoos can cause breakage.

When removing the braids, it could take twice as long to remove the braids as it took to braid it. Patience is key when removing invisible braids, because pulling tangles will cause breakage. Get help to remove the braids because they will not just slide out. They must be unraveled one by one.

With the right care and attention, invisible braid styles can look gorgeous and will not damage the hair.

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